Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a dog's life.

This is NOT my Murphy but rather Finny, SuziBlu's dog. BUT, I love the photo and he looks a lot like my Murphy.
After our last dog passed away I was not eager to start over with another dog. We've always had large dogs, full of energy dogs and having to walk one that would pull my arms out of my sockets just didn't appeal to me.

Zeus just had to have another dog. What's with this guys and their dogs? If they did the grunt work of training, taking care of them, nurturing them you wouldn't hear a peep from me but in our house that seems to fall on my shoulders.

I put off thinking about getting another dog. Then for some reason I was in the dog store where people are actually ALLOWED to bring a dog into the store and there was this woman carrying around this ADORABLE LITTLE WHITE DOG that looked just like an Ewok.
I think I experienced what a stalker feels like. I followed that woman around the store. I can honestly say all my judgement was suspended, I just followed her, hoping to get to see more of that little dog.

Finally , the very nice lady asked me if I wanted to hold the dog. Smart move on her part. 101 on how to get rid of me. Well, second MAJOR HAPPENING. I fell in love.

Last time was the first time I saw Zeus standing in a doorway, of an apartment in Boston.
I never really experienced this rush of emotion for an animal. If I could have walked away with her dog I may have. Like I said, all reason and judgement had flown the coop.

I came home and told Zeus that I had fallen in love. He nodded asked if it was anybody he knew. He's very stoic about these things. I told him about my little white Ewok. Of course, he isn't a Star Wars fan so that just zoomed over his head.

But, knowing the ground rules I had set for another dog he was happy to go along with anything plan I had if it meant getting another dog.

Murphy is going on three now. He's settled down. He's still a bundle of cuddly, loves to sit on part of my lap when we watch TV, loves to run around in the yard like a banshee, thinks Louis the cat is his older brother and is jealous of little Riley.

He has this thing about chasing those cheap little rubber balls that you see in the store for playing catch. They last about five minutes with him pushing it and chasing it around the yard before he gets a good bite of it and it explodes.

Since these balls usually belong to Riley she is not happy with Murphy. Zeus explained to her that Murphy is just a rascal.

Last night, while Riley was eating dinner we were having a discussion,between a 62 year old and a 2 year old, one of those that has her mother rolling her eyes. I asked Riley if she likes to play ball. She said yes. She then informed me that Murphy likes to play ball too but he bites the ball. "He's a rascal", she told me.

"Yes, he is", I said. "And, do you like to bite the ball?"

She thought about this and then gave that, melt your heart sly smile and said, "I'm a rascal, too."

:)Bea Have a creative day!


  1. Riley the Rascal has a great sense of humor!
    Ultra sweet and fun story.

  2. Well, you hit the big two: kids and animals. Sweet story and made me miss Leinie who we put down a year ago next month. Thanks for a great way to begin my morning.

  3. Lovely story Bea! I know I can always come here for a smile!