Thursday, August 04, 2011

Happy Anniversary James & Caitlin!

Curran isn't so little anymore and you've both got five years of marriage behind you. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.
And, yes I do have a more up to date picture of the family but it seems to be on the other computer which is the way things have been going lately.

Yes, I'm back, for now. Let's just say trouble seems to follow me where ever I go blogging and since this one was less trouble (hard to believe I just said that) I'm here for now.

This summer like my blog updates has been a blur. Too wet, then too dry then too hot, I'm sure I'm not alone is wondering if all our summers to come are going to be like this or is this just one of those 100 year cycles. I'm not putting any money on the cycle theory.

I have no excuses for my last post being sometime in the middle of July. I have been living life and dragging hoses around the yard. I am watching the beautiful annuals that I planted looking like the end of October. Some of my vegetables loving the heat and some just zooming past bolting to just plain dying.

The pool water has been 88-90 degrees which is refreshing when the temperatures are up there close to 100. Not unusual to have a hot spell, in Wisconsin, just unusual to have one for three weeks or more at a time. Remember, we are fat here in Wisconsin, we do start to melt when it stays that warm.

I would love to say I have been busy, busy, busy out in the studio but frankly the window ac that Justin left for me is barely chugging along. It's just too warm to be out there for any length of time. As a result we have had to cancel two workshops with the Mixed Media/Fiber Arts Ladies.

They don't do well when they "feel the heat".

Besides talking about the weather the local news for my little town seems to center around trapped racoon babies in a trashcan, local police called, door to door salesboys selling cleaning supplies but not really, just doing a scam so they can come back later and rob houses, local police called. Downtown main street has to be dug up and redone, the common council has been in closed meetings trying to figure out how to do this without the local business owners, back to school kids, busses, parents and everyday traffic going bonkers.

On the home front, entire family was here for about a week and everyone got along, played well together and ate everything in sight. We moved as a pod to the Children's Museum, the Zoo and to the pool.

I'm off to the dentist for a cleaning, discussion about new things I "could" try like brushing my tongue, fluoride treatments, massaging my gums, etc. They talk, I use their voices as background noise so I can concentrate on what my next art project will be.

Had a dream the other night that I was frantically finishing up multiple art projects. I also remember myself standing at the studio door saying, "BUT, BUT I haven't even started them yet." I'm going to call that my frustration dream.

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  1. So good to read you again. I do understand, of course, my last entry was about the same time. We finished 17 days of 90 degree weather in Cinci--and, I'm going (to of all places) Atlanta next week! There's a cosmic joke in there somewhere.

    Congrats to Kaitlin and James! I AM anxious to see Curran. (hint, hint)