Thursday, June 02, 2011

I am not turning on the heat.

It's 60 degrees right now and windy and by looking out my front room windows, that face West, we are going to get some rain, very soon. Yesterday, I worked in the yard from 10:00am to 4:00pm, cutting grass, digging weeds, planting flowers, cutting back dead plants and removing the old wood, hay bales and junk that had gotten "placed" behind the barn.

I say placed because we all know that when we put said items back there it was "out of sight and out of mind".

I announced myself and stomped around before I started pulling things out of the weeds. I didn't want to surprise anybody or thing. I did disturb two little green snakes. We parted company very quickly.

The landscaping company is going to build a "basketball court and art patio" behind the barn.

It will have multiple uses and basically is a cement slab but I know I plan on using with the art group when we need to do outside painting or project. The grandchildren and my DIL see it as their personal basketball half court play area.

I think the rule still holds, first person to get their toys established wins and all I can say is basketball people, watch out for the pots of flowers.

They are starting work on the landscaping tomorrow. This is a big project for us and one that we have put off for ten years. I had a request from a grandpa, at the Memorial Day party, if he could bring over his grandson to watch the big trucks.

Tomorrow, the digging out of major large volunteer and not native to Wisconsin bushes begins.

The front yard is going to look less wild and a little bare for a season. Not to worry, I have plans for it.

Next week the big equiptment will arrive to do the digging out of the foundation for the "court" and the reshaping of the pond.

Our "pond" as we lovingly call it looks like something from outer space hit the surface of the earth. It's a rather round deep impression, in the ground. When they put in the pool they dug it a little deeper, in the center to use the soil around the foundation of the pool.

Taylor, the gentleman handling the landscaping project just shook his head when he saw my little hose going out to the pond. He told me that he thought we could do better than that.

He'll be putting in a liner, reshaping the pond so that it has a more natural look and adding a bog type area for runoff of water.

Unfortunately, there isn't a natural spring under this pond so it will require us to top it off with water from the hose but we are also going to put in a drainage system for the water that comes off the barn roof.

I was going to go with rain barrels but I like his plan better.

Tomorrow, they tell us the temperature will soar up to 88 degrees. Yup, summer in Wisconsin.

:)Bea Who is creating with natural things, right now.


  1. Sounds like you have lots going on at your place. 60 degrees sounds so nice and cool. We hit a heat index in the triple digits almost every day. We're used to it I guess. I get out when it is cool in the morning, about 70 degrees, but it warms up quick and on with the A/C. Sounds like you are feeling good these days too. That's good.

  2. Unreal today...been trying to leave a comment for the past five minutes and Blogger has been difficult today.

    Anyways, it's starting to hit the hi 80's/lo 90's here in Connecticut.

    As for the asphalt, perhaps you can compromise by playing 4 square on days when the both of you want to use it.

  3. 60 degrees sounds nice to me...we have had heat and humidity here and I do not have a pool to jump in when I feel the heat. The new projects sound do you find the energy to do all of this and still make your Art? You are amazing lady! Peace be with you. Mary Helen Fernandez stewart