Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Honest, I think I am melting.

I think a Purple Finch got lazy and pulled a Cowbird stunt with this nest. It's tucked in my purple sage plant and I know five of the little eggs belong to a little Song Sparrow. That big brownish egg looks exactly like the eggs in the Purple Finches nest in my hanging planter, under the back deck.
A Robin has made a nice nest tucked into my climbing rose bush. Last time I checked she had three bright blue eggs.
The barn swallows that used to build nests in the old barns across the street have apparenty run out of room and the grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc. are branching out. We have a pair that have created a nice little mud nest, under the deck.
The Phoebes are in their usual nest, under the other deck. They found the perfect place and year after year they return to the same nest.
No sign of the confused Robin building her artistic nests on my deck lamps. Maybe, this year she isn't even bothering with the facade of being a mother.

Our weather is unseasonably and I mean unseasonable HOT right now. The pool temperature is 87 and that's just due to 95-98 degree temperatures.

Riley has learned the art of jumping off the pool edge into the water. She doesn't seem to mind getting her head wet which is great. She does wear her arm floats and a grownup is always in the water with her.

I was supposed to have the Mixed Media & Fiber Arts group over here today to work in the studio. Pam was going to demostrate a new technique. Unfortunately, today is also the day the town has decided to finish working on our road. With their usual advance notice of one day they stuck a flyer in my front door that told me the road would be closed. So, no meeting. BAH HUMBUG.

We haven't had a bit of rain for about two weeks. I'm watering my garden and keeping my fingers crossed that some promise of rain this week actually arrives.

It's too hot to work outside so this is a great opportunity to go over to the studio and work on some projects or at least start cleaning and sorting some things.

:)Bea Who hopes you are finding time to create today.


  1. Way too hot there! I am still sleeping with a light down comforter. Of course, if we had a pool the water would still be too cold to swim. I guess there are trade offs.

  2. It is hotter than hell here too...we are in a dangerous pattern now...heat...humidity... then severe thunderstorms. I can just see Miss Riley flying through the air to your loving arms. Stay cool and safe. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. It's beastly in Cinci--100 the last two days with the heat index. Forget all the lovely rain we had two weeks ago. The clay is starting to crack. Stay cool.