Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wait just a darn minute.

I would love to post a photo for you all but blogger is doing it's USUAL thing and taking forever to upload anything. I really must find time to move the blog. It's on the TO DO list but somehow other things move up to first place.

I have to say I am dismayed at the thought that it is the 24th of May, already. I know we had a iffy start to spring and my lilacs are finally blooming but, but, but..........................the end of May already?

I'm working on cleaning up the garden. I seem to say this every year when spring rolls around and I've got to deal with the mess that I blew off last fall. IF I had just cleaned up the garden then this wouldn't be such a big deal.

I was trimming dead brush, leaves, stems and whatnot in one of the garden boxes when I realized I was staring down into a little tiny nest with six little eggs in it. Of course, that was the picture I wanted to share with you and maybe later in the day after blogger has lunch, coffee or a break it might cooperate with me.

I know some of these little birds like low bushes but this seems a very unsafe place to raise a family. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that it doesn't draw the attention of some four legged animal that likes eggs.

It was cool and supposed to rain today. It's still rather cool but the sun is trying to peek out.

I will post a link to an album of pictures of the last project that the Mixed Media & Fiber Arts group did when they were out to the studio, last week. We had a lot of fun working on the painting of the fabric. To me it looks a lot like sun prints but you paint the fabric with gesso first, let it dry then paint a background onto the fabric. We found that the brighter and more random you did this the more interesting your final piece was. Then we took the fabric outside to tables and put silk and plastic flowers and leaves on top of the painted fabric. Carefully and the whole spraying technique is another topic, we sprayed over the whole thing with white, flat spray paint.

Of course, where you had something covering your background those colors popped out. The rest of the piece was covered with a white haze. Gives the whole thing a really neat look.

We actually so much fun and came up with new thoughts about the process that I think we will probably be doing this again on another Playdate.


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  1. What a great way to work Bea! You would think it had been sunprinted, wouldn't you?