Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No exit here.

This picture reminds me of a NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Actually, it was taken from inside a structure on the island of St. Johns. It's how I felt yesterday when I went to the barn to find some decorative stones I KNEW I had put somewhere.
I opened up the barn door to face the reality of the mess in there.

You know how you can walk by something, a pile of papers on the dining room table, for weeks on end and it doesn't disrupt the flow of your walk or thinking? You just, as the song says, "pass on by" and by and by.

The ladies of the Mixed Media & Fiber Art group have been following a goat trail up to the studio. Maybe they consider it an adventure? To me it just looks like poor manners or bad business.

So, despite the other 100 chores on my TO DO list for yesterday I started hauling out things that were in the way. This barn could be a poster child for that expression "if you build it - it will fill up". It's 20'x20' which is probably as big as some houses, or at least that's what our builder told us. Actually, if it wasn't the barn and studio it would make an adorable house, ok, it needs running water but........hey!

I loaded up the back of the car with things that I could live without, the metal plant stand, the plastic plant stands, the old cushions for deck chairs that we no longer even own. Old nice plastic pots. Honestly, every plant is in a pot in my house and I certainly don't plan on bringing in more. We've finally established which plants can live with my schedule without dying on me.

I saved old hanging pots, I no longer even bother to put real live plants in a hanging pot on the front decks. The birds just trash them when they build all their nests in them. I've had Purple Finches build up to four nests in one season in one fake hanging plant. I can hose that thing off in the fall and put it on a shelf for the next season. I used to be a purist but not any more. Life is to short to make pronoucements like "I would NEVER use a plastic pot or hang a fake plant".

I've gotten more realistic about life, I guess. I like the birds. I like to watch them raise their families. I don't like spending $20-$40 dollars on a beautiful hanging plant only to have them crush it, trash it and not be able to water it because there are little bird heads cheaping at me.

So, back to the barn. I moved some of the furniture that we had brought back from the sale of the cottage in Ridgeway under the steps. I rounded up all the snow shovels and put them in the barrel container where we keep them until next October.

I looked at all the bags of compost and giggled to myself that I sure do like to collect "shit".
On so many levels that one just tickles me.

I plan on creating two new garden beds so I'll be using up those bags. That's my new motto, use it up. I started to gather up all the garden tools.
I need to take all the things that are supposed to cut something somewhere and get them sharpened.

It seems like I check off one thing on the TO DO list and 10 more items get put on from that first one. It's like those damn round-a-bouts. Which, by the way, they are actually building MORE OF THEM around here. I guess someone has done a safety study and determined that they are
safer than four way stops. I used to find that hard to believe but after watching some of the strange driving decisions at four way stops I'm not so sure anymore.
I actually had a woman honk her horn and wave her phone at me when she decided that her rolling to the stop gave her the right away over my actual STOP and WAIT. Not to mention that I was on her right and going straight. I guess the details of that stop weren't on the text she was reading.

I get distracted, it's how the barn clean up went too. I tried to sort into like minded piles of things. I tried to load the tractor wagon with things that went to the pool area, the garden area, the trash pile. Murphy followed me for a while and then gave up and went to curl up on the deck chair cushion. I can be very boring.

He did rally when I tossed a plastic spiderman ball on the lawn. He chased it, chomped down on it and then spent a good 15 minutes enjoying himself while he gutted the ball. Another stop with the tractor, get off, pick up pieces of rubber ball, get back on tractor and add said pieces to the trash pile.

Today, it's pouring rain and I need to start hauling up, sigh, feel very sorry for me now, supplies from the old sewing studio, in the house, to the new studio in the barn. Actually, it's all piled up by the steps but it's going to be a morning of taking things upstairs. I will consider it my step climbing activity that I don't have to do at the gym. Next week, a dear friend is going to come over and help me sort through this stuff and get it put away in it's proper places. I offered to buy her lunch, some people will do anything for food.


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  1. I need a friend like that too Bea :-) the trouble is I would still find it hard to part with stuff.