Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take the leap!

I rather like this photo of my grandson, Sawyer. He approaches most everything in life like this.

I'm still recovering today from the party yesterday and that statement just makes me feel old writing it. I'm not sure if it was the overdose of Vit. D or just the amount of happy noise and people but I'm dragging my butt around today.

We had a wonderful time and quite a few families showed up with parents and grandparents in tow. We had quite a few near two, just turned two, will be shortly two year old girls doing a lot of jumping in the water. All it took was for one to watch another jump in to a grandparent and then they were trying it too.

Zeus and Number #1 son decided that Hera was not going to be happy grilling in the sun all afternoon so they found a new large plastic tarp in the barn and screwed it to the top of the wooded structure where the grill is located. It worked perfectly. Hera worked her grill magic in the shade and didn't snap at anyone.

I had one glorious moment, this weekend, when I was sitting in my bedroom, reading and Sawyer wandered in and decided to sort my meditation stones in my meditation bowl. Then Hunter, his brother wandered in and sat on the floor, by my chair and played with my stuffed bear, Gray Bear.

Hayden wondering where everyone was came peeking in and very quickly had my jewelry box on the bed, as she sorted through it trying on jewelry.

Sawyer, picked up the book I had self published for the grandkids, The Adventures of Gray Bear and Friends and asked me if I would read it.

So, there I sat, in my chair, having one of those dreamed for moments when my grandchildren were gathered at my feet listening and looking at a book at I had written for them.

The rain we were supposed to get has not come but the temperature has dropped down to comfortable nighttime sleeping temperatures. Tomorrow, I will have to water my garden and do some serious weeding. I've done the rest and be a slug today but tomorrow, there is much to do.

:)Bea Dream creative things.

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  1. I am catching up on your last precious days...you and dear Zeus are so blessed and those kids could not be any cuter. Your pool looks so inviting!!! I am trying to heal as fast as I can...shingles are horrible. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart