Friday, May 27, 2011

Just one little thing, dear...........

Some days it seems like householder chores just never end. I have a couple of projects in the studio that I want to work on but a TO DO list that trails out the front door.
I suggested to Zeus that he take my car, when he went to play golf today because it needs a good spin on the highway. What I didn't realize with my generous offer, my car is clean inside and out, is that his car needs an oil change.
So, I need to move that item to the top of the list. Women are masters at multi taskings so I will balance the checkbook, pay some bills, make notes on the book I read for the book club so I can drop it off at the library while I wait for the oil change.

Justin and family arrive down here around dinner time. Zeus mentioned to Murphy that Penny was coming. Penny apparently has gotten her summer shave and Justin said she looks like a large lamb. It's the poodle in her. Murphy has been walking around rather glassy eyed this morning. He's thinking of the tall blonde with the legs up to here.

Memorial Day Monday is supposed to get up to 88 degrees. That's perfect for the gang. Mary has invited two of her friends and their families. There will be a LOT of little children running around and lots of adults to do lifeguard duty.

Ok, I'm off to get the oil change, then the gym, then back home to cut the grass, then OMG this list just won't stop. I have to get those plants in the pots and ground that I bought. I need to clone myself, I really do.

:)Bea Have a wonderful day and create!


  1. Sounds like you're just as busy as usual, bea. Have a fabulous weekend with your family.

  2. Gosh Bea, you'll meet yourself coming back! How busy you are. 88 degrees? It's mostly rained here in May and it's not warm at all. Today at least the sun is shining but it's still cold. Grump grump!

  3. Fabulous photos! Hope you got it all done. Wound up leaving my car at Farm & Fleet for back brakes while the boys and I took on deep cleaning at the house. Will miss seeing you today, but have a great party!

  4. For the last three days I have been running around trying to get outreach commitments concerts...well you get the picture. Summer has been making her appearance with a hot flash for the last 48 hours. Is your pool open??? Have a great time with your family! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen