Monday, May 02, 2011

It's only a bird!

We drove down some roads where the true locals live. Not the displaced American trust babies or Brit's or Auzzies. The people that work here and make the life of the tourist a little nicer.

I loved this picture of making use of the fence for his laundry.

Lots in the news this morning. I shake my head, over my oatmeal and coffee and wonder what's true and what isn't true anymore. "They say..." But, I'm a child of conspiracy theories. I wonder why they buried him at sea, was it really him, etc. Then I think about what this is going to do to the "alert" status at the airport. Will I be strip searched now since a pat down might not really be doing the job. I can't wait for Madison, airport to get a full body scan machine set up. I am really tired of having a strange woman run her hands around my boobies and up and down my legs and crotch. Even having her run her hands around the inside of my waistband to my pants is getting old. My knee doctor was so cute, he gave me a little laminated card showing an xray of my new knees to show the security people. I mean, isn't that the cutiest thing, like they gave a rip.

Oh, Georgia, you are certainly on my mind. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING putting up billboards of overweight children and then using them to point out that childhood obesity isn't a good thing. Did the shrinks that deal with children lobby you to do this? As if these children don't have enough issues to deal with in their lives. Now, their faces are up there on billboards to what? SHAME THEM? Yeah, how does that work for people.

There are a number of people that truly deserve my chanting outside their homes, SHAME ON YOU! Overweight children will never be on my list.

I once wanted to teach a Weight Watcher's class designed just for children AND THEIR PARENTS. It was a no go, from the start. I suspect a certain amount of greed entered into the equation with the owners of the local WW organization. They wanted to charge the parents, too.

I thought it might be a better idea to charge the child, let the parents in and educate them on a healthier eating program for the family. BUT, BUT, but if they lose weight they got all that information for free. sigh

I admit, it's a problem but Georgia's way of handling it leaves a lot to be desired. NOT A GOOD IDEA people.

We've rested, stood in the pool, the water took a little time to get used to , read, got some sun and now we're...........oh wait, I need to tell you about Zeus's need to make friends with the local birds. He's been putting bread, bits of muffins, ham and apparently pieces of banana out on the deck ledge. All offerings have been snatched by this rather large, crow size, brown bird. It almost looks like the Thrashers we have around our place in Wisconsin. Anyway, he's so tickled that the bird comes and takes what he puts out. He also leaves the front door open for the breeze.

We had a "discussion" about the possibility of the "bird/birds" coming inside. Sometimes 60 year old men act like 13 year olds. Have you ever noticed that?

We were down by the pool and I decided that I had enough thinking about salty snacks and needed to go make myself a cup of tea. I walked in through the open door, you know where this is going, right? And, what do I find but the bird, in the house, sitting on the counter, eating our bananas. He/she is throwing banana slush on the floor.

I have to admit it left without a lot of to-do. I put the banana outside on the railing, cleaned up the floor and reamed Zeus out.

Did no good, he laughed and asked me if I got a picture.

:)Bea who has no interest in reenacting a Hitchcock film.

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  1. Oh Bea you have a wonderful way of telling your stories... I envy your warmth and sunshine so thank you for sharing with us. Peace, Mary Helen