Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just want to start my day remembering the color of the water, the relaxed way I started my day, with no list of things to do and bring that all into my current reality. With hot weather we suddenly got my gardens are growing up faster than I expected and that includes the weeds.

Missing a spring entirely I haven't had a chance to do a decent clean up in the garden beds.

I love working in my gardens but not at a catch up as fast as you can pace.

What happened to Spring?

My Lilacs which normally open on Mother's Day are still just in the process of leafing out. The tulips are up and beautiful. None in my yard, sadly because the deer think I plant them just for a special treat for them.

The landscaper came by the other night when I was at that meeting. He and Zeus talked about what we wanted done in the yard. We've been in the house going on ten years now and we decided that it was time to get to the next things on our list.

The landscaper, from the stone company, Glacier, right down the road, from us (I like to support the local businesses's) is going to level off the ground on either side of the driveway so that I can actually plant grass and cut it. Right now it's almost a ditch and Feverfew which got away from my garden has taken over. Pretty to see when it's blooming but this stuff is so hardy that you begin to feel like it is going to smother the car as it goes up the driveway.

He's going to take out all the volunteer honeysuckle which is not native to our area and takes over.Then next fall I will plant an orchard on one side of the road and prairie grasses in the open areas. The trees will provide more nesting spots for the birds and the grasses will provide cover and nesting areas for the ground birds.

While I was waiting for the guy to come and I had been sitting out on the giant boulder on the front lawn. It's a great just sitting and thinking place. I was quiet and surprised a BIG healthy looking red fox that came wandering up the driveway. He stopped cocked his head and looked at me, right in the eyes then I swear he shrugged and just kept walking over and through the field.

Hmmmm, overweight, middle age woman on rock, not a threat.

We had our Mixed Media & Fiber Arts group meeting yesterday afternoon. Oh boy, everybody seemed so excited about projects and getting together. I can't wait to get that energy into the studio.

We've decided to meet three times a month at the studio. First time as a show and tell, business meeting, catch up on some projects, the second a Playdate and the third I will be teaching a class.

This is big for me, not the teaching part but charging for it. Of course, someone said $5.00 wasn't enough but that's ok, I'm taking the step. Years ago a psychic, one that I trusted told me that I have trouble taking money for my art or teaching because of some former lives where I money exchange was not a healthy thing for me. She didn't go into it and I didn't ask.

It didn't have anything to do with not valueing my abilities or work but it was "old" stuff that I just needed to move beyond. The psychic also told me that I was a "teacher that didn't or wouldn't teach". So, I'm pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and "getting over it all".

Growth doesn't happen unless we make a choice to tackle those unpleasant issues, one step at a time. And, I can't think of a nicer, safer, bunch of women to take this step with.

There were a lot of excellent comments made about my last blog. I've responded to people privately if they left an email addy. Because some of the material in the blog resonated to so many people I probably will do another blog, one of these days about some of the issues they brought up. So, stay tuned. I think making positive changes in our lives is something that most people would like or are trying to do. Getting some help along the way to maybe make it a little easier would be nice, right? Can't say I have all or any of the answers but I can tell you what has worked for me and for people that have worked with me.

:) Bea who has to go spread manure and think creative thoughts, hows that for a combination?


  1. You are one amazing woman...the manure spreading is important too for our future blooms. Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. What a beautiful about we hop into it together and forget life's lists!?! :)