Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What to do, what to do?

I dislike trying to move around in big crowds but I enjoy eating lunch in the middle of the food court when school is in session and the kids fill up the tables with their energy.

I can play nicely with others and for hours by myself.

I grew up for 10 years as an only child so I always found ways to entertain myself.

I dislike most parties with strangers because I seldom can have a decent discussion with a person about a subject.

I love parties with my friends because we have a common interest and can talk for hours and hours, finishing each other's sentences and always having new ideas to share.

I am very happy with my life as it is.

Recently, I met a nice woman named Heidi and we talked about many things and she invited me to a group that she hosted. My discussion with Heidi had a spiritual issue theme so I assumed that she was inviting me to the group becuase is was a group of like minded people.

The group is based on the writings from the book called The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne. They focus their attention of the Laws of Attraction. From the jest of last night's meeting the emphasis seems to be on using the Laws of Attraction to make money. Lost of money.
Perhaps, I'm not being fair to the group because the speaker was late and the host of the group allowed one of the members to "hold court" until the speaker showed up. BIG MISTAKE.

Dr. George, Director of a his own personal rehab clinic and his wife Mrs. George the Vice President of said rehab clinic, is a dues paying member of the society, Global Information Network or GIN as he liked to refer to it.

Dr. George, who has a PhD but is not a medical doctor told us in great detail, with great energy, in his fast talking, brook on interuption voice about how making MILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars would make our lives wonderful. That if we joined GIN we would find the information, contact, maketing skills, etc. that we needed to employ the Laws of Attraction and change our lives.
For twenty minutes, at least, I listened to Dr. George and maintained my poker face, clenched my purse, regreting not getting up when the lady next to me did and leaving.

I was there to hear what the original speaker had to say. I was feeling like this had all been a big mistake and I didn't need to find more like minded friends, that what I needed to do was stay home, be with my family, watch Castle with Zeus and work in my studio. What was I thinking?
Why did I think I needed to get out more, see what people were doing? What did I think I was going to learn at this meeting?

Dr. George went on and on and even when the speaker did show up he didn't turn over the floor. He passed out his business cards. He was using the principles he had learned in his GIN group and by golly he was going to use them in this group.

I'm all for networking groups. I understand they serve a purpose for people. My disappointment came from the fact that I was observing the group of people, at this meeting. People who seemed to really be trying to change their thoughts, their lives, find new ways to bring positive energy into their world.
I resented Dr. George telling them that money was the answer.
I resisted the impulse to jump over the 300 pound man, next to me and throtle Dr. George.
I held fast to my committment to stay and listen to what the speaker had to say.
I wanted very much, after the meeting to go up to Dr. George and say, "SHAME ON YOU." Instead, I shook the real speaker's hand and thanked him.

I heard first hand stories about how the law of attraction changed some people's lives but unfortunately what I heard where stories about how they won tickets to a Packer's game or how they got a book published.

Those of you that have read my blog over the past two years know that I have always said, if you want something you need to put it out there to the universe. You need to make "the list" you need to read over the list and make sure you have included EVERYTHING that you think you need and want to make your list a reality. I've told you to be sure about your intent, to read the list outloud, looking into the bathroom mirror because when you face your own eyes you will know how honest your real intent is. I've told you to be patient and go about your life working towards that end goal on your list, DO THE WORK. And, I've told you that when the universe responds you better be willing to walk through that door.

That's information gleaned from thirty years of reading and working with self-help books. It's not magic. It's being clear about what you want, why you want it, what you are willing to do to see that it happens and when the universe give you an opportunity you seize it.

There is a spiritual component in all of this. It's an understanding of our connection to the energy around us, the earth, our fellow human beings on this planet. It's an understanding of our souls and our need and our souls need to BE CREATIVE. In my mind it's not possible to separate these things. They all work together.

I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was when it all seemed to just be about making MONEY, lots and lots of MONEY.

I don't know if I will go back to another meeting. I'm not sure it's a good fit for me. Everyone has to find their own path and perhaps Dr. George resonated with some in the room. I didn't care for his approach. I didn't care for his group, GIN and his plans to start a "clubhouse" here in Madison. I think I would tell anybody I knew to run in the other direction if somebody starts talking about Global Information Newwork. Remember, if you want to truly learn their "secrets" to how to market yourself and your product the dues are going to rear their ugly heads and they aren't going to be cheap.

The Law of Attraction..............well, it certainly has merit but people need to have more than just words thrown at them. They need techniques that will help them develop a more positive mental and verbal language for themselves. If they want to make changes in their lives they need to get centered first and be able to listen to their gut and learn how to dismiss the negative tapes that run through most of our brains 24/7. They need more than what I was hearing offered.

:)Bea Who has a great deal to think about and welcomes any of my readers thoughts on the subject.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Pete says thank you, because if I hadn't made that mental list one day, he wouldn't be able to sleep with Russ and me at night and bug us for cat food all day.


  2. I can't stand "salesmen" types... and that is what is sounds like you encountered. How unfortunate the meeting didn't follow it's original format. I'd hesitate going back to that group too, just for worry that that would happen again rather than it being about the original intent.

    You've given me a lot to think about. I agree with you, I'm just not sure how to get myself there... what if you are scared to walk through the door... why would you be scared to walk through the door? How do you stop yourself second guessing everything? Goodness I could come up with pages and pages of questions for you, Bea. Lol. Hugs :)
    Off to do some pondering.

  3. Stay away from this group!! Here in the south, those kind of people are on TV 24 hours a day, masquerading as preachers, always asking for money, under the guise of "sending me money will help you become healthy, happy, rich, etc".

  4. I will be honest....I view my blogs through an RSS feed, love photos and usually skip over lengthy worded posts. I scrolled passed yours, but for whatever reason, I immediately went back and, boy, am I glad I did. I connected, understood, related and learned from your words. Some I wrote down and will carry with me. Thank you so much for your sharing, writing and posting. -Marlene

  5. hooooowwdy...(ya miss me) ;)
    like you...
    i believe in the power of the universe...but
    i don't think the universe much cares about money. I don't think it thinks about money at all...

    money is an aside ...a side effect from working.
    or someone left it to you in their will
    or ya won the lottery

    marketing strategically, or a beyond fabulous product or gimick of the moment...will earn a person fassst money....but perhaps not lasting money..unless you can keep coming up with the new gimick...

    i don't know where i was going with this
    except to say
    it isn't about the money
    and if a person makes it about the money then they will not be happy with their money...
    it is about productivity...sharing and genuineness (is that a word)?

    anyway how have you been!!!


  6. I am mindful that everything happens for a reason. I believe you were at that meeting for a reason. Perhaps it is to raise awareness just like you have in your post here. Perhaps the reason will not even be revealed for a while.....whatever the reason, I say make space for people like those that agitated your gut....I don't think this will be the last time you find yourself in their presence. It is how and if YOU let it affect you that matters most.

  7. Hmmmmm Global Information Network...sounds rather innocuous...like...National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the likes. Here in the west we would call it a wolf in sheep's clothing! 'Buyer Beware' also comes to mind. I have to think that this guy and that network is leaving a wake of of lost hopes and dreams as it trundles along it's path scooping up cash on the backs of others.

  8. Thank you everyone that has taken the time to leave a comment. If I had your email addy you should have received a reply from me, if not know that I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

    From the comments I can see that this whole topic is one that many people struggle with......how do I make positive changes, in my life.


  9. Bea, your experience resonated with me. I have encountered those that think the answer to all happiness is money. I have met folks with money and those striving to have even more money and the thing that seems true to me is they aren't all that happy. I too, believe in the power of the universe and we all have the power to create what we want. That can include money but really there is so much more. I think Kris's comments were interesting and I agree with her. When something tweaks us as much as this did there is something to learn or figure out about the experience. I haven't created that list you referred to...I think it is probably time...