Sunday, May 01, 2011

From paradise, what day is it?

Last night we drove down the hill and around the hill and up and down the hill into Cruz Bay. We had dinner at the Banana Deck. We sampled a nice little drink called The Dirty Banana. Shari if you are reading this know that this drink is going on the menu at Sammie's Place, this summer.

I don't know the measurements, which should make it more interesting to experiement with.

It takes Bananas, of course, remember everything is going in the blender, rum, creme de banana, something I hadn't heard of before, Kahlua and real cream. Ooooooooh my, it came to the table look like a little ice cream drink, little pink umbrella and all. And, it was soooooooooo so, so good.

I had the chef's special. I always think it's a good idea to try out what the chef feels like promoting that night. A beautiful piece of "flipper" as my kids call it with a wonderful light sauce on a bed of rice and the best veggies I've had yet.

We were eating rather early, NOT BECAUSE WE'RE OLD AND WE DO THE EARLY BIRD SPECIALS, but because we wanted to get some sunset shots.

There was only one other couple eating when we arrived. Ok, so they were old, like us.

During dinner Zeus overheard the gentleman talking to the waiter and comparing notes about Maryland. Apparently, they both hailed from there.

We all left at about the same time and Zeus stopped the gentleman to say that he too hailed from Balitmore. Well, small world, not only Balitmore but they both came from the same town, went to the same private boys schoo and, had the same tough priest for some subjects.

Small world.

This morning we took a drive. The clouds were moving in and we decided to pass on going to a beach. Skinny Legs, a local bar and eatery was just the place for stop for the famous blue cheese hamburgers.

I have to wonder about the "locals" that were sitting, at the bar. All men pretty much around the 40-70 age, beards, long hair, often in pony tails, bright colored shirts, shorts and flip flops.

There they were lined up for lunch and a beer.

According to a little hand out booklet I picked up at the Cool Breeze car rental place, "the laid back vibe here has appealed to all kinds of people."

According to the write up, "Everybody here is an individual yet it's a close knit community. We have the truth seekers look for something, mystery men hiding from something, sail boaters from all over the world, gin from England, retired couples too cool for Florida, turn on, tune in drop out hippies, honest musicians, way cool trust fund babies and misfits from every walk of life."

There are tourist things to do, like sailing, diving, beaches, hiking, camping, all that kind of thing but what do you do when you live here day in and day out? The guys at the bar were all shooting the bs to each other, watching the bar tv. I wondered if they were artists, writers or just people that wanted a lot of distance from their old lives and the people in them?

Most of the people, not native to the Island, tell me they have been here 20-40 years. That's a long time.

I think I could live in this type of environment when it's the middle of a long winter in Wisconsin.

I tell myself that I could get used to the even tropical temperatures, the fantastic views, the gorgeous colored water.

The reality is that I would miss the contact with my family and friends. Sure, I have phone service and a computer but I miss seeing my kids and grandkids. I would miss my library book group, my art groups, my local market people, etc.

And, dare I say it, I probably would miss winter. ONLY, because when it finally leaves and spring starts to arrive I tend to get giddy about bushes leafing out, bulbs starting to pop and bloom, the grass getting greener. I start to get excited about what to plant and where, spending time in the pool with the grandkids and just enjoying summer.

I'm not crazy about long winters. The first snow is exciting and usually beautiful. By month four and the snow is still sitting around and the skies are gray I've had it with winter.

Could I live in paradise year round? I don't think so. Not if I'm being totally honest.

But, I sure do enjoy it when we visit.


  1. Sounds like to me this was an excellent day!! The banana drink sounds really good!!

    It is so fun to sit back and watch people and you stated each from their own walk of life!

    But I must say I would love living in *paradise* for a little while... but I do love the four seasons...

    Thanks for taking us along on your trip!! :) Looking forward to more!

  2. At this moment in time, I am a wanna be Bea.

  3. I'm with you. Need the change of seasons and especially want spring every year. The rain here is getting as oppressive as the snow in WI. We've had two days of sun in the last 9 and it's predicted for the next 5.

    I'm living those beautiful vistas through you...and the color. If I were one of those regulars--I'd be out capturing that fabulous sun. Have a great time and can't wait to drik the dirty banana at the Dog in the Hole pool.

    Enjoy the trip---I wanna be you, too.