Monday, May 02, 2011

A different slice of Paradise

This morning we got up early and drove over to Caneel Bay resort. It's one of the Rosewood resorts. We've stayed there in the past and it's sister resort on Virgin Gorda is where we stayed, for our honeymoon, ages ago.

John wanted to play some tennis and I wanted to just hang out and people watch. The pictures in the album are of the old sugar mill that is one the property and of course the bay, beach and that's the view I have from where I am sitting, right now.

The weather forecast looked a little glum last night. Rain, rain and more rain but as an employee here just told me, "heh it rain maybe on one side and not the other and I brought de raincoat today so it not rain, here, at all."

Remember that little guide book I was mentioning yesterday? On one of the pages a local skipper lists all the questions he has gotten from people he has run into. I know he was being funny and I suspect that he really was asked most of those question. I would like to think they were from children because if adults asked them, it's a little sad.

These are some of his replied; " No, we do not paint the bottom of the ocean turquoise."
"If you fill all those little bottle with sea water you are going to be disappointed because you won't get that turquoise water color."

"We usually put the turtles and fish back in the ocean early in the morning so they can have breakfast before you see them."

I know people can ask stupid questions, or ask questions without actually thinking through them. I probably do it myself. I know once or twice I've heard Zeus say to me, "Think about it." Which I can tell you raises the hackles, whatever they are. I hate that expression. How condensing. And, of course I've let him know it.

Which brings me to my other thoughts about this subject. If it is children asking these questions it must mean they have nothing else to base it on, no other foundation to link their question to a thought process. Have we cut off some of this thought process by giving kids the answers to everything, right away?

Is it easier to just tell them what something is instead of asking them to "worry it out". By that I mean asking them the traditional who, what, where, when or why question to get them thinking about the issue?

I haven't been involved with elementary education in many years. I hope that there is time in the classrooms these days for this sense of discovery, exploration, linking of knowledge to come up with answers to questions. Understanding how things work is important. It helps us understand why we should care, be upset, make changes and build on that knowledge. If you don't have a foundation for something, of course you question is going to sound silly to some people.
If you have never seen turquoise water or the stars in the sky they seem very strange to you.

I remember reading about a program that brought inner city kids out to the country, at night, to show them the night sky. They thought it was fake. They thought there was a huge black covering over them with pink pricks of light behind them. It was too much for them to take in. In their world the sky didn't look like this at all.

Ignorance is sad. I know the booklet is meant to be funny but I think it's sad to mock people for not knowing. Once mocked in real life, some people seldom ever raise their hands, to ask, again and that is NOT a good thing.

:)Bea Who has a lot of time to think about a lot of things while staring at the ocean.

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  1. I've been enjoying your posts of your trip, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    It is sad that people aren't encouraged to think more and figure out the answers. There is a lot of common sense missing in the population I have found.

    I don't know what the schools are like so much any more, but it is also the parents that need to be interacting and encouraging their kids to think... something I noticed my sons' friends didn't seem to have a lot of.

    I agree with you on the "think about it" raising hackles, have had a few of those moments with my hubby that whether he meant to or not what he had said made me feel like he thought I was being stupid(not his intent at all, but my perception) and I've nailed him to the wall so to speak.

    Enjoy your trip, Bea... maybe soak up a little bit of that gorgeous sand, water, sky for me :)