Thursday, May 26, 2011

And, let the summer begin, please.

It was 51 this morning that's too cold for end of May temperatures. BUT, the sun is shinning and although it's windy there is hope that by Memorial Day, on Monday it will be 88 degrees out. Party time! Justin and family arrive down here tomorrow night. Mary has a friend arriving too. We'll have a full house so I really need lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

Riley has learned how to hop and now hops most everywhere. I was watching her and thought of what a thrill that first time she did it must have been. It's been a long time since I hopped. Probably not a good idea to try it now. If it ain't broken don't fix it. Hopping at this point in my life could get me into some serious trouble.

The torch may have been passed from Zeus to Mary. I heard her yelling for the pool net and then watched her rescue a frog. She claims she watched him decide to just jump in and go for a swim except he sank. Now, another has been trained in frog rescue. Riley was impressed.

I need to go out and weed the gardens, haul mulch, finish cleaning out the barn, CUT THE GRASS, sigh...........what I really want to do is curl up in the sun, drink a nice dark beer and read my book. Good thing there is too much wind out today to enjoy doing that. I'll have to save it for the weekend. Yeah, right, like having four grandchildren around is going to give me any down time. Maybe, I'll curl up with some cards, some kids and a dark beer and play Uno with them or Crazy Eights.

I joined LinkIN the other day. Apparently, do to my lazy attitude, instead of checking off or removing the check next to names AND not even thinking about where in heck they got all these names, I clicked some button that said it was ok to send an invitation to everyone in my address book. So, if some of you got an invitation and you are wondering why, that's my story.

Just delete it if you aren't interested. A fellow artist buddy suggested that I join. I'm not selling anything at this point in time but she said it's a nice way to build up a body of contacts.

I did get some emails from some old friends that I haven't heard from in ages. That was the up side.

Some ramblings about the end of the TV season

Kristy Alley said she went from a size 14 to a size 6 on Dancing. What I want to know is do Hollywood stores have a different numbering system for dress sizes from the rest of the world?

Is Kristy only 5 feet tall or something?
Kristi Yamaguchi may have been a size 6 more like a size 2 but Ms. Alley? I am glad you were on dancing in the beginning but how you managed to hang on to the final three is beyond me. Do you really have that big a fan base? Or, is it true that all the Scientology people were out there voting?

Scotty you won. Good for you. I didn't think it should have been you but I was outvoted.

And, don't you think the Biggest Loser should go home with more thatn 250,000 dollars?

I know it's a lot but they have been working hard, away from their families it just doesn't seem like enough money. I mean those other shows are handing out a million.

Now it's time to turn off the TV for the summer. Time to kick back and play outside. Time to take those after dinner drives to chase the sunset, play kickball with Riley, swim laps, tend the gardens and work in the studio, at night.


:)Bea Go, do and be creative!

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  1. How I envy you that lovely pool. I don't suppose it would be warm enough to use here anyway! Enjoy your time with that lovely family in your 88 degrees. Lucky lot.