Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're not in Verona anymore.

SIGH............that's the view from my deck. I had my coffee and yogurt looking out over this bay.
We're in St. John's for a week to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. I wouldn't mind celebrating all the rest of them like this, too. ARE YOU LISTENING, ZEUS?

Nothing planned for Day one but to just shed the tension and stress from our bodies, relax, swim in the pool, maybe go to a beach and just adjust to a slower pace of life.

Travel day, yesterday went smoothly. Three different planes, plenty of people to watch, I'm very easily entertained. On the last plane, a large jet from Charlotte, NC to St. Thomas, the lady two rows in front of me suffered from lower back pain. I could see she was uncomfortable even sitting.
I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back she was sprawled across the lap of the gentleman in the aisle next to me. At first I thought she had collasped but then I noticed he was giving her a massage. I didn't even know they knew each other! People watching is so entertaining. She chatted about her running, her kids all the time with her head on his lap and he was rubbing her back. He seemed to know what he was doing but it was very strange to watch.
And, watch I did. I mean after all you don't see something like that often, on a plane.

I just thought they must know each other, maybe part of a larger group traveling together?
After he "adjusted" or did whatever he did, she thank him, adjusted her clothing and went back to her seat. Her husband got up, came over, thanked him and gave him a business card.

It's the kind of things like that that just get my story mind a cooking.

I have a new laptop a little 13 pound Toshiba. We are very happy together. The battery pack lasts for three hours so that's a nice plus. I hope to catch up with my blogging so stay tuned.

:)Bea who is enjoying her life on the island, mon,


  1. How wonderful for you both. Congrats on the 42 years. I have just seen photos of St. John from Dolores, my watercolor teacher. She went there over the holidays and our class break in Dec./January. I would love to visit there one day. Have fun!

  2. Congratulations!! hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of photos!! :)