Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a wonderland out there.

I had a wonderful visit with my best friend, Donna. We visited antique stores, strange warehouse stores, ate pulled turkey barbecue that was cooked in a big old boiler type of grill, out in a parking lot of an old strip mall and sat in the sun, on the steps of an old general store and ate ice cream. A good time was had, as always.

It's snowing here. I really shouldn't be surprised because for over 40 years I've used the parks department date, for the removal of snow fences as the date I would even consider putting up the window screens and that was April 15th. So, still no screens in the windows around here.
It's cold, down in the low 40s. I'm glad I refilled all the bird feeders yesterday.

I haven't been over to the studio, still catching up on householder chores from being away.
Apparently, while I was gone Riley found a green magic marker and decided to leave pretty drawings, for GrammyB, on her new white dresser and new pink walls. Zeus was able to clean it all off with acetone. He said that there was no yelling but a very concerned and deeply serious talk between Miss Riley and Zeus.

When I was spending time with Donna we went to a Tea and Spice store. OMG, what wonderful smells. I used to think working in a really good bakery would be a dream job but I think this tea store would be a close, very close second.
The walls were lined with gorgeous glass jars filled with teas and of course, spices. I think we opened as many as we could just to inhale the scents. I'm sure it didn't help my sinus problems but it was wonderful. I did buy a few packets of different kinds of loose tea. If we have a store like that around Madison, I still haven't found it.
I know they have something on a smaller scale at the health food stores but it isn't quite the same or as pretty.

Off to bundle up and then to the gym. The pool guys are supposed to come this morning and open up the pool. I don't envy the one that has to actually get into the pool to screw in the underwater light. He must wear a wet suit for this but brrrrrrrrrrr, nope, not a job I would like to do. They tell us that the earlier we open up the pool the better it is for the water and of course, they like us to wait until late in the fall to close it up. Too many warm days with that winter cover on and your water has a beautiful pea green shade to it.

Anyway, today, snow and the opening of the pool begins the 19th Summer. I plan to make the most of it, how about you?

:)Bea Be creative in your thinking throughout the day.


  1. We were lucky to have wonderful warm sunshine here today but we are due to experience wicked weather once more...we had 7 tornadoes this week in our central Ohio area. Very rare and extremely destructive! I can not imagine opening the pool yet...yikes with snow on the ground. Be patient with Miss Riley.... she is just exploring and expressing at the same time! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. hahaha. I have never thought about the person who screws in the pool lightbulb!!