Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Come on green!

I'm back from Boston and visiting middle son, wife and my fifth grandchild, Curran. We had a wonderful visit. The baby isn't such a baby anymore. They grow so fast. Pictures are on the other computer, of course, so I'll have to try to add them or post them later. The grass is green, that's about the extent of spring here. The birds are busy. I haven't seen the Bluebirds, I thought I heard one, in the woods. They have a soft little call so I really have to spend some time outside listening for them. I haven't seen anybody claiming the bluebird houses but then I've been pretty busy, unpacking and doing laundry. Tomorrow morning, very early, I head out to visit my old friend Donna. That's another fun trip for me. This April has been quite busy so far. Old Zeus has surprised me with an Anniversary trip to St. John's, at the end of the month. We'll be celebrating our 42nd on a nice warm beach. In between all this traveling I need to get into my garden and get it cleaned up, clean out the other garden beds around the house, get the pool area set up, put away bird feeders and clean out bird boxes again and WORK IN THE STUDIO. I can do this, I AM WOMAN, hear me roar. Ok, now off to do some more errands and then to the library for my monthly Mixed Media and Fiber Arts group meeting. :)Bea Create and then create some more.


  1. its good to feel the warmth of the sun. here in Ontario we have had the brightest cardinals in their mating plumage for a week now.

  2. Always good to hear you are busy and feeling good.

  3. Babies grow up way too fast...if only we could hold them in our arms forever.... But we do keep them in our hearts forever. Have a wonderful anniversary on the beach. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart