Friday, April 01, 2011

APRIL FOOLS from Mother Nature

Oh, she is such a kidder, she is. Yes, that photo was taken five minutes ago and it's still snowing and starting to stick. I know it won't last so I am enjoying how pretty it is and pretending it's November and our first snowfall, instead of April and hopefully, our last snowfall. I've been working on finishing up a baby quilt for Curran. We travel out to Boston next week and I want to give it to him for his baptism. I've also been working on a fabric painting from some of my photographs of New Mexico. My plan is to complete the rather large painting, then cut it up into sections, add more fabric and create a wall quilt. So, far I have really enjoyed the process and find it very relaxing. If I really don't like a section I'll be cutting it out. Takes any pressure off for getting it "right". I won't say the studio is completely clean or organized but it's neatened up and I can work in there again and so can my Mixed Media and Fiber Arts group, when they come over at the end of April. I've been taking up an armload of stuff from the barn, first floor, and putting it away. It's a big job because I think things have multiplied over the winter. I'm sure there wasn't this much stuff in that little guest room, I used, in the house, as my studio. After the Boston trip, I get home in time to do my laundry, repack and then I'm off to visit an old friend for a few days. Someone referred to us as Lucy and Ethel. I didn't ask which one they thought was which. I honestly think it's interchangeable. I know I'm getting older when I found myself musing about coffee cups, last night. I was eyeing the new mug that I got at Target, a pretty white and blue, rather Oriental looking mug and thinking how nice the handle was because I could get my fat fingers around it, comfortable. Also, it had a nice weight to it, not to heavy, not to light, substantial. And, the rim...........just thick enough but not an uncomfortable thickness. You laugh, but I have some mugs that are pretty to look at or just make me smile, like my happy face yellow mug but they are terrible for drinking my tea or coffee. Yes, this is what some old people reflect on while they are drinking their coffee. Not world affairs or their TO DO list, but simple things. Don't even go there. I would like to say I am just about finished with the first six generations on my mother's side, in my genealogy quest but I am getting sidetracked with history lessons. I guess this is a longer process than I expected but a quite enjoyable one. I new episode of The Adventures of Gray Bear and Friends is ready for Easter. As we get closer to the date I'll post the link. I did indulge myself and have the three stories self published. I'll give a copy to each family and they can do what they want with it. I remember my mother wanting to write books. She had some wonderful ideas before their time. She wanted to write a book about NEW YORK CITY on FIVE DOLLARS A DAY and that was back in the early 60s, long before books of that nature were published. We actually took a trip to New York City, all five of us and did, in fact, manage to survive on five dollars a day. I wouldn't say I would want to travel that way again but she made her point. Unfortunately, like a lot of her wonderful book ideas, it never got into print, or rather she never put pen to paper and make it happen. I have my own ideas, my own photographs, my own stories and I'm finding it rather fun to actually see them in published with a professional look to them. They aren't earth shaking and won't even come close to the New York Time's Review list BUT they will be something that my grandchildren can hold in their hands and get some clue what their grandmother was like, I hope. My local drugstore, Walgreens has a new photo center that will take your pictures and make it into a glossy, page protected little book. It's not that expensive and I'm going to be making one for Riley and Curran for their birthdays using the colorful pictures of fruits and veggies that I took a while back. You can add print so it makes a really nice little book to use to learn words and colors and it's something that I did. I guess leaving a little mark, in this world, turns out to be a tad important to me. Ok, go be creative..........let that soul out to dance and play. :)Bea


  1. You are amazing with these books for Curran and Riley! The snow is not funny...hurry up Spring. It is snowing outside right now!!! Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary helen

  2. What a great store that'll print up little books with your photos. I don't know anywhere that does that here. Curran and Riley will love them I'm sure. Snow oh no! We had hail today but the past few days have been glorious. We've erected a polytunnel! I hope you holiday will be just super.