Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Swish your imaginary handkerchief.

We are still looking at things like this around the yard. The snow is slowly melting down but Murphy still has a "tunnel" for a walkway around the back yard. BUT, the sun is higher, and the days are longer and that does a world of good for my mind.

Tuesdays are the day that my daughter has a night class and I get to pick up Riley from day care. She is always excited to see me which is a real boost for my ego. She jumps up and down, runs to get her coat and grabs my hand as if she can't get out of the room fast enough.
As we were walking to the car she announced, HOTDOG. Usually, on Tuesday nights, she and I have dinner at the local restaurant, Culver's. She loves her hotdog and little cup of icecream that she gets there.
This time I decided that I wanted a change and a salad so I told her that I thought we would head for the local pizza place.
As I was putting her in the car, all of twenty months, she is, she announced, "HOT DOG!!"

I strapped her in her car seat, leaned back, crossed my arms and said, "You know, when you can drive, have a car, can afford to take your old Grammy out to eat, YOU get to pick the restaurant."

I heard a low chuckle from the car next to me. A father putting his daughter in the car had heard my pronouncement.

Riley had nothing to say to me. She glowered at me. I mean where does a twenty month old learn to glower?

We went to the pizza place and lucky for me in the entrance they have movie posters. Riley spotted the Despicable Me poster with the minions, smiled and shouted, BANANA at the poster.
All is well in Verona.

I need to go on line and find some good Bollywood music to download to my IPod. I was reading this article that suggests that Bhangra, Indian folk dancing, may actually be good for your brain.
Apparently, the research suggests that learning new routines or dance steps stimulates and creates new neurological connections, which may result in speedier thinking and a sharper memory.

I've heard that before when it was suggested that you take unfamiliar routes to familiar places.
Learning new routes, again, creates those neurological connections.

Frankly, watching Riley I can see this process happening daily.

India is supposed to have one of the world's lowest rates of Alzheimer's disease.

I'll let you know how this turns out. There might be a video. Well, one might say that but I certainly couldn't comment.

:)Bea Creating every day, it's even better than an apple.


  1. That video looks fun! I had watched some Zumba videos a few weeks ago and thought that would be fun to try too.
    I used to love going dancing twenty some odd years ago, I think maybe it's time to take the dancing part up again. Good exercise without being "exercise" lol

  2. I love this video...even on Thursdays when my energy is terribly low. I will have to love into the Bollywood dance classes. FUN fun fun and yet good for the heart and brain. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Riley is just a HOOT and one half!

  3. Great video! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. It is time for the ice to melt and the ground to thaw. It is time because I said so.