Monday, March 14, 2011

Swaying in the breeze.

When I was much, much younger and visited my Grandmother, we would often take a walk to the downtown, from her house. She had bills to pay and gossip to collect from the local drugstore.
It wasn't far of a walk, perhaps a mile and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My grandmother on the other hand, kept complaining that I looked down to much. That I should walk with my head up, looking around me. She had a point. I, on the other hand found some many objects that I could put in my pocket for examination later. An old wasps nest, piece of run over paper, bottle caps, interesting twig that could be made into a stick figure and so on.
With my camera I tend to look ALL AROUND me now as I take a walk. I was out with Murphy, this morning, in the yard, marveling at all the bird song. Three days ago, hardly anything. I was still playing my CD, of bird song, inside the house. Now, all I have to do is go outside and listen.
I just love it. For people that live in a climate that is warmer and always have bird song, let me tell you that the lack of bird song, in winter, is depressing.
I was checking the status of the amount of snow, left in the yard, to melt, when I glanced up at a tree at the edge of the upper woods. That looked a lot like a Baltimore Oriole nest to me.
I went inside and did a Google search and found what looks very similar.
Since we have had Baltimore Oriole's in the yard for the past four years I was hoping to see more nests. I guess this is the only one that has survived the winter winds.
A dear has scraped the bark off of a large center limb of my Lilac bush. I used to paint those damaged areas but the last Wisconsin Gardner show I watched recommended that you do nothing to it. It will heal itself or not. Kind of iffy advise. I really don't want to lose the bush but on the other hand they really are hard to kill off.
Murphy and I need to take a drive to the market. I hope you all are doing lots of creative things.


  1. I've just had a great catch up of your blog Bea, and enjoyed each and every post. I love your pink bedroom, it's soothing and pretty and feminine and the lamp is lovely and the glass top and the photos. Delicious. Riley looks wonderful in her hat - she is so pretty too. Kitty is adorable - I just love their age.

    I laughted at the story of your Russian hairdresser! What a star and she's certainly made a good job if you facebook profile picture is an 'after' shot.

    Glad to see that Spring is coming. Oh, that ice photo is amazing. We have been gardening like crazy trying to get ready for Summer. It's a big job.

    Hugs to you across the many miles.


  2. Lovely post as usual Bea. I really enjoy the birdsong here all year. We get so many species of birds, hundreds in fact, and I live by a bird sanctuary and the bay, so there are especially many water birds. The sound of the birds always make me smile.

  3. One thing I love about the starkness of winter, is that I can locate all the birds' nests in the bare trees, so I will know where to keep an eye out for babies in the spring!!!

  4. Oh our room is beautiful. Can't wait to see the pics close up. Up at Mt Muchmore it seems like an aviary. The only place I've seen a live Oriole is at your house. Here, chickadees and cardinals are plentiful.

    Saw some perennial bulbs up today. Hope they are blooming when you come.