Saturday, March 12, 2011

SPRING FORWARD or just come already, spring.

Another week has gone by and still, despite one day of 47 degree temperatures, the snow still remains. The Robins have arrived yesterday. And, I have been watching lines of geese in v-formation, high up in the sky, returning from the South.

Despite the mounds of snow still covering the yard I know that SPRING is on the way. Today, there is a strong wind from the South and that's a good sign.

I've been busy attacking piles of "stuff". They seem to grow on their own. I know the dining room table is a convenient place to put magazine sale ads, old magazines, old unopened junk mail and I really think that I have a handle on it and toss things as quickly as they come into the house but apparently, I don't.

So, I have been sorting magazine baskets, table tops, dresser tops, basically any flat surface that seems to have a magnet for paper or things that don't belong on there.

It's like looking up a word in the dictionary, though, things have to be sorted. There might have been a very good reason for them to have been stacked in that pile. Sorting takes time. It's boring and requires tea, lots of tea and maybe making brownies to go with the tea and you know if you have read my blog long enough that I tend to follow a thought like the book, If You Give A Bear, or in this case, Bea, A Cookie.

I haven't done a thing in the studio but that's ok. I'll get there. Right now I'm putting my house in order. Sometimes we need to do the ordinary too.

I have almost finished putting together a book of my mother's side of the family. I would like to get this genealogy project finished in time for her birthday, in June. I have managed to round up pictures and get things printed off and put in a large binder.

It would be so much easier to just download the information on a CD and mail it but she refuses to have anything to do with computers. I can have Ancestry create a book, which might be very nice but it wouldn't be able to include the stories I have found, on line or from family.

I'm certainly learning a lot about the German states, religious movements, early life in the colonies. When I think there is something interesting to share I do post it to my other blog, Our Roots. The link is over under My Other Blogs, if you are interested.

Zeus wanted me to go out and take some photographs, the other morning. I really couldn't bring myself to get any interest going. The sky was gray, not my favorite sky color. There is snow and you can only take so many snow pictures, in a lifetime and what ground peeking through is brown. So, I declined and stayed in my new pink room, sorting. The room makes me feel good.

Of course, I say that about the tangerine and lemon drop room.

Speaking of lemon drop and such I was gathering together a box for my mother for Easter.

She reminded me again, on the phone, that sending chocolate to Florida wasn't the best idea.

I got the hint. I found some of her favorite black licorice at Bed, Bath and Yonder. I packed in some of those disgusting marshmallow chicks that she loves and bags of jellybeans.

She has her quota of sweets for a while when she gets this box. I also sent her some insulated disposable coffee cups with lids. She mentioned that she likes to take some tea or coffee back to her room but she can't manage her motor scooter and an open cup when she has to go back up.

She's in Assisted living and although she has a microwave in her room, even getting to the bathroom to wash out a cup isn't easy when you can't walk. I think these cups will help her out. At least she won't be spilling anything hot on herself. Knowing my mother she will be washing them out when she can and reusing them.

It's difficult having an elderly parent living far away from you. For all practical purposes, she doesn't leave the building except for a doctor's appointment so she could be up here, in an Assisted Living facility. And, Verona just built a lovely new one but my mother has reached an age where she doesn't want change, feels safe where she is and wouldn't be able to make the trip North, even if she really wanted to.

I was thinking about my ancestors that emigrated to the New World. They had no clear idea of what they were getting into. They left extended family knowing that they would most likely not see the older members again or their friends. It must have been heart wrenching.

Next weekend, we meet up with Justin's family at Wisconsin Dells. The water park playground for winter weary Wisconsinites. We are renting a cabin and Mary and Riley will go with us. That makes a house full of nine with four grandchildren running around. I should get my quota of noise and laughter.

Time to go get dressed and take Riley to the French bakery.

:)Bea You know what to do, go create.


  1. Wow that is going to be some noisy weekend! I've seen those cups with the lids done in porcelain - they look just like a disposable one but you can wash them. They are popping up all over the place - Costco first and now Target. I hope your goodie arrives soon - hope the postman can slog through all that snow you have left LOL I even hate to tell you that it's 70 here this weekend and I'm in a tee shirt. Hugs!

  2. You are lucky to have your mother even if she is miles away...I still reach for the phone to call my mother every night to wish her a good night. We had snow yesterday in the morning and it was mostly gone by evening YEAH! I posted a short video of the exhibit we attended last night so enjoy vicariously...Give little Riley a hug for me...just thinking about her wonderful pink hat still makes me smile. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Thanks for reminding me that the clock jumped forward this morning. Your reminiscences of what it must have been like for your family to migrate and what they left behind hit home. I have some much more connection than those folks to my family and friends, but often ache to see them and just have their companionship. Another reason I am anxious for your trip.

    MMMmmmm licorice, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies. Don't diss the marshmallow chicks!

    The snow will melt and soon. It's March.