Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pink Posey

Ever since she watched Despicable Me she has this thing about wearing her hat. One of the little girls, in the movie has one a lot like it and wears it all the time. The child isn't even two yet. When did kids get so smart that they remember things that they have seen and copy them?
Maybe it's because they are exposed to far more than my generation was.
I know that I was probably barely out of the house when I was under two. Maybe in my back yard, in a play pen but certainly not getting driven around all over the place.

Anyway, Riley, I love the hat look!

They put up the display yesterday. I missed going down to help. I certainly hope I get back on the mark soon. I still seem to be playing catch up. Susan A. who helped hang the art work said that it looks good but that they didn't have as much room as they thought they did.

I'm off to the gym again this morning. I mixed it up a little yesterday, doing some walking and then biking. Now, those of you that go to gyms will laugh at me but I was really, REALLY impressed with the bike. You sit low and you stretch your legs out in front of you and then pedal from that position. Must easier on your lower back. Also they have a state of the art little tv monitor attached to where the handle bars would go and you can watch tv or listen to your IPod.
I passed an easy half hour, pedaling away while I listened to the debate about the issues here in Wisconsin.

Last night on PBS I started to watch a program about the Triangle Fire in New York City. It happened in a sewing machine factory where these young women some as young as 13 worked sewing men's shirts, 14 hours a day. I couldn't watch after the first 15 minutes, it just made me to sad. A fire broke out and women and children were jumping from the 8th floor windows.

So, as much as I might have a lot to say about the educational system here in the US and how archaic it is I still think unions are a good thing. And, I still have issues with some of the things that unions have "slid" through over the years I still think they have a right to "sit at the table".

Enough political talk, although, that's the big issue around town, everywhere you go, people are talking about it.

I'm taking a painting class over at Lost Luggage and I haven't been back to catch up on my lessons since the surgery. Today is the day I look at the video's and maybe get some class samples done. I'll post some pictures, of course.

But, first off to the gym, then to stop and get some more printer ink. I've gotten some wonderful photos from my newly found cousin, Marge. In fact, she is introducing me to more and more cousins. They all seem to have wonderful pictures to share. Boy, was that fortune cookie right on the mark. Maybe, I'll stop for some Chinese takeout for lunch and see what my next fortune is.

:)Bea Have a wonderful day creating. Remember it's a chance for your soul to dance.


  1. What a cutie in that beautiful pink hat!

    If it wasn't for unions, there wouldn't be a 40 hour work week, an 8 hour work day, or even a minimum wage. We'd all be working in sweat shops and afraid to open our mouths. Too bad that the governor in Wis. wants to go back to those days...

  2. She is adorable!

    I did watch it even though I knew how sad it was.

  3. Riley has changed a lot since i saw her last. Very cute there in her pink hat. Sounds like you are doing pretty good these days.

  4. Riley is adorable and that hat is just too darn cute on her!!!!
    My husband was a union rep way back when - so I guess I lean toward that a bit!Kind of agree with LAura.

  5. Oh my goodness Riley is just getting cuter every day and I also love this wonderful hat. I admire your dedication to the gym and exercise...I just never seem to make the time for it like I should. I am not sure where this union bill is going to end up but to pick on the hard working firemen, teachers, police and so on just seems terribly wrong. I will look for a replay on PBS this weekend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart