Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's soooooooooooo pretty and crouching tiger and wiley dragon were at it again.

Of course, it's hard to show you the proper soft shade of pink on the walls but trust me when I say that everybody in this house, seems to love it and they aren't pink people. This is the chest of drawers that we got at the Ikea store. The framed pictures, on the wall, are close ups of my garden flowers. Zeus and I worked together to get just the right balance with the pictures.

I had a plan but when we measured there wasn't enough wall space and I wanted to work around the lamp. I think we got it right. I am pleased with the balance.

The pictures are double matted which although cost a little more to have done was worth it. It just adds something to the whole look.

Zeus replaced all the original knobs on the dresser with china ones that he found with roses painted on them.

The wooden box holds all my inexpensive bracelets. Riley loves to climb up on the bed, ask for the box and then sit there sorting out the sparklies and putting some up on her arms.

The top of the dresser is covered with a piece of glass that we had cut to fit. I don't know why but I really like that look.

When Mary was little I did it for her dresser and then slid pictures of family and friends under the glass. She loved looking at them when she got dressed.

Yesterday, at the French bakery, Riley was sitting on her booster seat when she suddenly pushed her feet against the table and started to tip backwards. The couple, sitting at the table next to us, said it was like watching a movie in slow motion. As Riley started to tip and her chair was going over backwards, both Zeus and I, in coordination raised up out of our seats and grabbed both of her arms. We kept her from falling as the chair crashed to the ground.

It was rather like watching the movie Crouching Tiger, etc. with the perfectly coordinated ballet like moves, through the air.

She didn't even really have time to cry before I hugged her to my chest and rubbed her back. We removed the booster seat. I guess she is going to have to sit on the chair now.

Off to the studio, today. Yesterday, I did enough householder chores to choke a horse. Today, I need to get out there and start cleaning things up. With the nicer weather it would be nice to have the art group meeting out there again.

:) Bea


  1. Hi Bea...
    The color of health and love...such a pretty room...the wall art is perfection!

    PS I read your e-book :)
    too cute.

  2. Pink is so refreshing and the Ikea chest works have done yourself proud . I am so happy you and Zeus were able to rescue Riley mid air and I am so sure she loves her box of treasures and your book for her. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

    Did I tell you how happy I am that you are healthy and happy ??? Blessings!!!

  3. Beautiful and serene. I love your new header.

  4. Wow, your new header blew me away when I first arrived today. Beautiful! Also, love the pink walls and what you did with the photo arrangement. That's what I'm working on now too....sorting photos I want to hang up, family and otherwise.