Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's day tuya!

He was going off to small dog day care today. With a name like Murphy you know he had to have some bit of green on him. We did his ears with green food coloring. Last time he went to day care he had just finished cleaning up a lasagna pan. His face smelled delicious. I think the other dogs spent the day grooming his face for him. I don't think they are going to be impressed with the green ears, no good smells BUT the girls at the center liked it. As, Murphy is one to do things to impress the girls.

Apparently, he has a new little friend, a puppy named Molly which apparently according to the slip I get at the end of the day, when I pick him up, says that he has a crush on. They played the entire day together.

It didn't seem to bother Murphy, at all when I dropped him off this morning. He never looks back when they take him off to the play area. I feel like a mom that is dropping off her toddler.

Come to think of it, they never looked back either, just ran in and started playing.

He's there for the weekend, a BUNKHOUSE BOY. That means he gets to sleep with one of the staff and not in a kennel. They tell me Murphy does great "backs". No surprise here.

We're on our way to Wisconsin Dells the water park vacation spot for winter weary Wisconsinites. Justin and family are driving down from Minnesota to meet us. A fun filled couple of days with the family, grandchildren, water park and basketball to watch.

Zeus called me yesterday about 1:30 in the afternoon to ask me if the Red Wing Black Bird had arrived. I told him I hadn't noticed anything new in the yard. Zeus was POSITIVE that he would be arriving. He's funny like that. Like he and the bird have each other on speed dial.

Well, damned if 15 minutes later, I'm walking out of the laundry room and see the Red wing Blackbird sitting on the back of the deck chair, looking in the window at me. Just like he did all last summer and right before he took off for the south, for winter.

How does Zeus do that? I checked my blog for yesterday's date, late year and they hadn't arrived yet. In fact, they didn't show up until the 24th of March. Very strange. I may have to change his name from Zeus to Birdman.

I did hear a Baltimore Orieole singing up in the highest point in the tree by the edge of the woods.

Speaking of woods, I really want to get in there, on Sunday and start marking a trail. If we don't get in and start clearing the brambles out before they start to leaf out, it's almost impossible to do.

I have to go pack up, load up the car and make sure there is plenty of cat food in the bowl. Louie and Cleo aren't going to be very happy with this break in their routines.

Have a great day doing something creative. Anything, just do it.


  1. Have a blessed vacation in the Dells. Murphy and Molly ...could this be serious? The redwings are here a wee bit early now. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Vacation! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Our pekingese goes to doggy day care too but he likes playing with the big dogs. Have a great trip with family!

  3. Glad to hear Murphy is living up to his name :) Have a great trip to the Dells!

  4. He's a cutie! Hope you have a good trip!

  5. Murphy looks awesome! However the bird story gave me shivers. I love it. I want a home so bad and my own birds again. I am so jealous of the history you have invested in your home.

  6. How amazing Zeus is Mr Birdman indeed! We were excited that a swallow arrived a few days ago and now there are 4. It always lifts my spirit when I see them. I hope your family day is a hoot.

  7. How wonderful Murphy looks with his green ears!! You are so funny. I hope the romance lasts!