Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chant with me...................

Gorgeous warmer day today and tomorrow maybe up to 60 degrees. I am hoping that it will do some serious melting of what is left of our snow.

Met with the Mixed Media Fiber Art group today. What a fun bunch of ladies. So much creativity being sparked, ideas flying around, show and tell and just a really good get together.
I got to see the pictures of our art work that was hung at the Senior Center, downtown. Boy, they did a nice job with that. KUDOS LADIES!

We talked about all sorts of topics, most of them dealing with art but some off topic subject as well. One that was rather interesting was the fact that all of us seem to have a piano. For some it was something that was passed down to them and for others it was bought because a parent always wanted to play or wanted them to play. Whatever the case, I think 5 out of 6 had a piano and hardly ever played it. AND, had a great deal of trouble letting go of it.

In some cases these pianos have been moved from state to state. They take up room. There have been offers from partners to buy them keyboards so they could NOT play those but get rid of the piano. And, yes, I meant NOT play.

I have a piano. I bought it with my retirement money, from the state when I retired back in
about 1972. I retired from one job to take on being a full time mother and worker in the home.
I don't know what it was about buying the piano. Yes, I had lessons but I never really loved the piano. Maybe, it made me feel connected to something from my past?

I started piano lessons at age 5, serious lessons. My mother would drop me off at the home of a well endowed German lady, who sat next to me, at the piano, with a ruler in her hand and who did not hesitate to smack that ruler on my knuckles when I played a wrong note.

I distracted myself from her behavior by paying attention to the row of Angels Of The Month she had lined up on the top of the piano. If you made it through your recital piece, perfectly you were presented with one of these little china angels.

By, 8 years old I still hadn't gotten an angel. That year I was assigned The Warsaw Concerto to memorize and play.
By the end of the actual performance I still didn't get an angel. I did get a round of applause even if I did have to have the sheet music, in front of me, while I played.

I did get to wear a formal, prickly, dress that was uncomfortable and poofed up when I sat down to play.

Google Youtube for the Warsaw Concerto. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC IS THAT TO GIVE A LITTLE 8 year old kid to play? Geesch.

I hope somebody, over time, got to take the October angel home. I know I never did.

My piano is still in our living room. Mary has a post it note on the back of it that it belongs to her if I kick the bucket. God knows what she's going to do with it, the child never did finish her lessons. Maybe Riley will surprise all of us.

I know my DIL, Shari announced to her children, ages 10, 8 and 5 that they were all going to be taking piano lessons in the fall. Two of them were resigned but the 5 year old ran crying from the room. Shari said it was about the same response she got from him when she asked him to eat a cheeseburger, she had made him, for dinner except their was some gagging added for effect.

Tomorrow, I'll dust the piano. Maybe, just maybe I'll sit down and .............no, that's not going to happen, the dusting or the sitting down. I would rather be painting or sewing.



  1. Always wanted to learn the piano. Worked all summer for my daddy when I was about 10 to buy on old upright one. But about 5 years later it got lost in a flood. I was so sad about losing that old thing. Never bought one since. Now I play around with the dulcimer.

  2. I bought and refinished an old piano for my daughters ...but no one really took to it. After is sat in our family room I donated it to a church with very little funds to buy one...do you think it will help me when I arrive at the Pearly Gates??? You are such a great story teller and Riley might be playing good old fashioned honky tonk music while she wears her wonderful PINK hats! Peace, Mary Helen