Monday, February 28, 2011

"You will have a Great day, if you mind your attitude." Fortune Cookie number 42

Out the door by 7:00am and on my way to the gym, I caught this beautiful sunrise. Did my walking and biking, got the car washed from Mary's trip to Minnesota, over the weekend. Nice to see it without all the salt layered on it. Having my coffee and back on track.

"Well, it certainly took her long enough!"

I know, I know and I tried but I couldn't seem to pull myself out of a stall. Then a couple of things happened.

First, Zeus finished painting my bedroom the most beautiful shade of pale pink. I would have never considered myself a pink ROOM kind of person but I love it. The room pulses when you walk by it. It says, come in, be healed, you are surrounded by healing, loving light.

Ok, it doesn't really talk to me but it feels like that and since everybody seems to gravitate to my room and sprawling on my bed and reading, sleeping, playing, bouncing around, there might be something to it.

So, I was sitting in my new comfortable chair from Ikea that Zeus put together for me, smiling at my surroundings when it suddenly hit me that I hadn't addressed some deep, totally irrational feelings, from my surgery. Here I was sitting in a healing room, presented to me, with love, from my spouse and suddenly I was feeling a loss of my ovaries.

I said it was illogical, I've been in the WISE WOMAN'S HUT for quite some time now so what's the deal? Something was taken from my body. Part of me was removed. I'm sure there are many that have felt the same loss. It doesn't matter if it didn't work anymore, was dangerous to your health, falling apart or a preventative measure, our container had something important removed and for some of us, just pushing that thought to the background and saying, "yeah, well get on with it" just doesn't work, in the long run.

Acknowling it, giving it a place at the table then gently bidding it goodby seemed to work.

I woke up this morning, energized, back to feeling more like my self, without something lurking in the background.

Last Thursday night we had Chinese takeout and my fortune cookie said, "You will receive a happy letter in the mail."

Saturday, morning I bit the bullet and sent an email to my biological father's wife and asked her if there was any chance she had information about my father's family or old photos. I've been working on my family tree and there was a lack of information on that side.

I touched base with her because my father and I have a difficult relationship.

She responded that she could put me in touch with a first cousin, that had been cooresponding with relatives in Germany.

By late afternoon I had email after email arriving from said cousin, tons of information being forwarded to me and links for more cousins and uncles. I was VERY, VERY HAPPY.

For almost fifty years I haven't had any contact or knowledge of that side of the family.

If you noticed, I started a new blog. The link is up there with my SunDog Studio blog.

I don't plan on listing all my realtives, this new blog is more to satisfy my love of history and talk about what interesting kinds of things I have discoveired in my family research journey. Pop over or link up as a Follower and when I do post it will arrive in your email inbox. Then you don't have to wonder when I'm ever going to be posting in there.

I'm getting things ready for the Senior Center Gallary showing. I haven't really done anything new, in the studio, just pulling out work and getting it ready to be hung. The last time I had things in a gallery type setting was at the Verona High School, probably about five years ago.

It does a little number on your ego, saying those words, GALLERY SHOWING, like you're really something. I'm trying to think of it more in terms of, HEY, this is what Mixed Media and Fiber Artists are doing, these days. Isn't it cool?

The Senior Center also hosts the Farmer's Market during the winter so I expect there will be some people passing through who might get a kick out of seeing the artwork.

Lots to do today. I hope that ALL OF YOU are doing something creative.

:)Bea Check out the new blog, gone on, I dare you! :)


  1. Bea, It sounds like some good healing work is happening down there. I have recently connected with relatives I hadn't known much about and it is very exciting to expand my world.

  2. Well, nice to see you back Bea! Keep on healing!
    I love geneology too and sometimes it is difficult to find out things. The hunt is part of the fun! Have you seen the TV show... Who do you think you are? Interesting show.

  3. Hi-de-ho young lady!

    Can always use a history oriented blog to spice up my current list of eclectic verbiages. Will take a peek to see what you gots.

  4. Bea Fathers can be a tricky journey so keep your heart open and let the healing are on a journey of the heart. The pink room sounds so calming and refreshing. Enjoy the exhibit...someone there will not have seen your works so enjoy the moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart