Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been so long since my last True Blog

1. For the life of me I can NOT find where this older model laptop has stored my pictures. When I click on pictures I get the ones that come with the laptop. Nice but not mine. I know they are in here, I loaded them up the last trip down here. It's very frustrating for me when I can't just click on something and have it work.

Which leads me to my second confession........oh dear.......this is going to sound so silly to some of you.........Right before we left on this trip, Zeus and I went to Best Buy and bought an Apple notebook. Nice, light and certainly not as heavy and bulky as this Compaq that's probably, at least four years old.

We brought it home and I sat down to start it up.

Apparently, all that they say about you either love Apple or you don't could be true. It certainly was in my case. Before I could do anything it wanted me to listen to a voice that sounded like someone that has lost their voice box and gotten special equipment to talk.

The voice wanted to explain how the computer works. Interesting idea but at 9:00 at night I have little patience with a machine that keeps reminding me that I haven't MOVED OFF OF A CERTAIN SPOT and the reason I haven't moved is because I'm still trying to figure out why I'm even on that spot. The "voice" seemed to be in a hurry, as if, "Hey, dummy, this issoooooooooooo easy to understand, let's move on."

I ditched the voice over lessons, my first BIG MISTAKE. I got tired of the voice. I went to REGISTER YOUR COMPUTER but of course, since I hadn't listened to the entire voice over lessons I didn't know how to make the keys actually register anything on the screen. Couldn't register, heck, I couldn't do anything.

I shut it down and went to bed.

Next morning I could dimly see the Register your computer screen but it wouldn't brighten up.
I stared at it then called my daughter over to "fix it" since she's the computer whizz around our house. Not a clue she muttered.

So, the nice little lightweight Apple notebook is still in it's box, at home, waiting to be returned.
We lugged the big old heavy laptop down here.

I'm old fashion when it comes to computers, I know. I like a keyboard that has keys big enough for my fat little fingers. I like a big screen. I want lots of memory so I can store lots of pictures.
And, frankly I don't want to relearn anything at this point in time. It takes up my time. I want to sit down and work.

I'm sure that there are people out there, right now, shaking their heads and saying, "BUT it's so easy and once you learn you are going to love it." And, you are probably right but right now I also find I have the patience of a knat.

And, finally, my biggest confession........sigh.......Any time I have actually been on the computer I have been involved in I'm hooked. For a history major it's absolutely heaven.
I had thought, when I jumped on it that I would be off quickly, make a little chart or book as a present for my mother, when we came down here.

Well, halfway through my discoveries, which were very,, VERY interesting, my mother informed me that she wasn't the least bit interested in her family history. That was a surprise and disappointing but I decided that I WAS HAVING FUN so I continued.

I like puzzles, I like wondering why something happened, where did somebody end up and why, when they decided to just pack up everything they owned grab their families and get on a boat and sail some place they had no clue what it would be like.

I like looking up the history of what was going on in the countries that they left.

So, when I did feel like using the computer I just escaped into history. And, that's what it was,my friends, an escape. I spent such an intense short time worrying about my demise, the chance of having cancer, dealing with my loved ones around me who weren't coping well with any of these thoughts that until everything was certain and cleared by the doctors, I escaped.

Afterwards, I think I felt like I had spend more than enough time wallowing around about myself. I didn't even want to talk about anything that I was doing, thinking or just being.
I wanted away from myself.
Honestly, I'm not used to that much intensive "inner looking".

:)Bea Who NOW wants to concentrate on letting her soul out to dance, how about you?


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine and warmth!

  2. For your penance, you will write three more blog posts and stay away from the near occasion of

  3. Well said, Teri. sigh....... lolol
    Thanks Deborah, it does feel more like myself now, being back, I mean. lol :)Bea

  4. You make me feel so normal girlfriend! I have missed you wit and sense of humor...and envy you being in the sunshine...but you really need it more. Have a great weekend and welcome back! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. ms continually read my mind on issues
    i would have had the same response to the apple pad..and it would most likely be in the box too
    so now i know if i was to purchase one
    don't shut off the voice...

    i have been absent myself...
    soon i will begin blogging again more regular though..

    i can truthfully say tho
    i missed my regular blog readings with all my whitty blog buds...

    hope your trip is fairing well!@!

  6. oh dear! Well, you have been absolved and forgiven ;) back to blogging! Hope you figure things out and find those pesky pictures!~

  7. Love this post, so honest. I have a friend who had similar problems. Apple charged her $40.00 to help her register her computer. What a hoot. On another note I persnally love I find it fascinating. Glad your back. love your header photo.

  8. Oh Bea, you certainly aren't the first I've heard that can't seem to get past taking an Apple of of its box....glad to hear you're just going to return it - it's hard to dance in the dark.