Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it possible to find AWE in our lives?

I need to download some pictures to this new computer. Until I do, think of some AWE inspiring.
Seriously, we all need to have more AWE in our lives. So, run outside and look up at the night sky or sunrise.
It was probably about this time last year I started talking about "looking at life, through a child's eyes". It's still SOUND ADVICE, friends.

I was glancing, at an article, in a magazine, in the doctor's office today and I read about this "experiment" or "test" somebody did on two groups of people. The first group were asked the question, I AM..............................., to fill in the rest of the sentence, while they were standing in front of the skeleton of a T-Rex. The second group were standing in an empty hallway.

The first group all seemed to answer the question, I am, by saying, I am an organism. I am part of a bigger thing, etc. The second group, standing in the empty hallway said, "I am a soccer player or I am an accountant, etc.

When we are confronted by something that can AWE us, on some level, we drop the "hats" and labels we put on ourselves and seem to become aware that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. I found the whole concept interesting.

I watch Riley, at 18 months, look at something new with AWE. I can see it in her eyes and facial expression. Often it has a certainly joyful quality to it, seldom fear.

The article suggested that as humans we need AWE in our lives. It does something to our brains. I wish my brain had been retaining more information from the article but I did come away with some of their suggestions, go outside more often and look at nature, CLOSELY. Look up at the night sky, study a flower closely, really LOOK at your surroundings.

I think that's one of the reasons I love my camera, so much. When I am out on a photo shoot, with Murphy, I see my surroundings with a different "eye". I am looking at composition, color, design without even realizing it and I am seeing my environment in a different way.

I can't help but think that helps make us more creative, you know? It gets some new connections going in our brains. That all has to be a good thing.

Tonight, Zeus asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. I've felt a little sluggish so I suggested a place we enjoy that has nice steaks. Then, not 10 second later I blurt out a story I read in a magazine. The story was about the actress that used to be in a relationship with Ellen. I think her name was Portia. Probably, wrong about the spelling but you know who I mean.
It seems when she and Ellen were together they bought a farm, in California. They had cows and calves and lots of animals. She never really thought about animals beyond, dogs and cats and ate meat happily. They, she and Ellen, bought a horse and apparently when it arrived it was very stressed out. She worried about it most of the evening and finally when she couldn't really sleep anymore she went out to the pasture to sit and watch the horse and make sure it was settling down. She sat there for a long time and soon both the cows in the pasture and the horse seemed to have forgotten she was there.
Then she said, the most incredible thing happened. The cows lined up in a line and the head cow walked up the horse and touched it's nose to the nose of the horse. Then the next cow in line did that until all the cows had touched the nose of the horse. The one of the cows gave the a young calf a shove toward the horse. It went up and touched noses, then turned and jumped around like any little kid would have that had just done something cool.

Portia said, in the article that she never would have even though that cows were capable of that kind of "thought" process or emotion. She also said, without any drama or difficulty she stopped eating meat, after that.

Now, I love a good steak and I was sure that's were I was going for dinner but after BLURTING that story out to Zeus, in the car, he looked at me and said, "So, you still thinking steak?"

We had good pasta, instead.

Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to these "blurtings". Most of the time I have no idea WHY I say them when I do but in the long run they are important signposts for me.
We'll see where this goes.

Tomorrow, another busy day with meetings and appointments. I so long to get out to the studio.
It's the second week of January and still I haven't had a block of decent time to get out there.
Maybe, we will get more than the three inches of snow and I can beg off going out driving in it and scurry over to the studio, instead.

:)Bea Look up, look around with a child's eye, find something that will fill you with AWE and then share it with us. I would love to hear your story.


  1. MMMM...pasta. My favorite food.
    I hadn't heard that story, but I always knew cows were sweet animals. I always stop at this one farm just to pet their silky ears. Their eyes are so gentle, knowing and a little sad.

  2. I love the cow story and have no trouble believing it. We used to live in a cottage surrounded by cow pastures. Every morning the cows would be near our house and I could observe them. They each had a distinct personality and cared for and cleaned each other like cats do. They have such wise and gentle eyes. I fell in love with them.

  3. Wonderful story about the cows and horse. Animals are amazing and they continue to surprise me. Lovely post Bea.

  4. Ok, once I got over my own self when I thought you wrote that those by the skeleton said: *I am an orgasm* I re - read your post eagerly. It put me into deep thought. It's all about joy isn't it?

  5. I think awe creates excitement. I was in awe (and I know you being up north may not understand) Sunday night when we had huge snowflakes coming down for hours. A rarity in Georgia!

  6. I love this cow story ... I have the cows down the road about one mile and when I am able I enjoy just walking by and enjoying their quiet lives. We already have an early calf...early for January...and I am praying the young one will remain strong through the winter yet to come. Lady get back to your studio!!! It is awesome! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Love your cow story, Bea.
    When I was a child we had cows,and their eyes are forever imprinted in my mind.I wish I'd been old enough to really think about studying them. I only know the eyes. Well, and the milking.

    I am in awe each night taking Mille the dog out for her 'last call'. The sky is an abundance of awesomeness, whether clear or cloudy, in summer or winter. Often, I feel my Mom's presence then,,,just a whisper of her.

  8. Another marvellous post Bea. Jim and I watched a 3 part 'skywatch' series a short while ago and it was marvellous. I always look up at the sky when it's a starry night but now I have even more enthusiasm trying to look for planets and the space station travelling around the earth. Jim and I saw it once when walking back from our neighbours.

    I think if you take a lot of photos, you do study flowers and nature in detail. It really concentrates your mind when you try and compose the perfect shot.

    I know what you mean about small children being in AWE of so many things. It's such a delight to watch their world open up with new wonders. I do hope you manage to get some studio time very soon.

    I love the cow story - quite amazing. I watched a tv programme about an experiment with cows, trying to teach them to ring a bell for food and other such things. It's amazing how intelligent some of them were.

  9. I've just realised you are doing the 'small stones' as am I. I love yours today.

  10. Great story. Amazing how we have to remember or be reminded to find awe.