Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First Dolly

Before I start in on my thoughts for this first Tuesday of January I need to send out a warning.
Yesterday afternoon, I turned on my computer to find a SECURITY WARNING and a list of about 20 Trojan Viruses that had infected my computer. The Security warning was very, VERY, VERY real looking. It wasn't MY spy ware but I knew that because I installed it myself.
Had Zeus or someone else sitting down to the computer might have been confused and since it would not allow me to Internet access unless I renewed it, well, let's say, someone else but me MIGHT HAVE, given them a credit card number and renewed it for me.


Did I say that loud enough for you. DON'T DO IT. The warning itself, as real looking as it is, it is, in fact, the virus. It's nasty and it requires you taking your computer to a Geek squad and having them clean it, thoroughly.

The tech at Best Buy said he though that this particular one was coming from Russia and it wasn't the first one he saw. I have a security setup but apparently it got through. We discussed upgrading what I had to protect the computer after cleaning.

And, cleaning isn't cheap. What a pain.

The sleep study showed that after about seven hours of sleep when I am in my longest deepest sleep, the REM sleep, I stopped breathing 47 times in an hour. Not good. :(

So, I get a machine in a couple of days. I use it for two weeks and it determines something and then I get an official one.

All for the best.

Now, back to first Dolly. Riley loves her first doll. We can't find her clothes they seem to have disappeared into the toy bins. Doesn't matter she is being well taken care of by Riley. Her little crib is next to Riley's crib. Apparently, if you press her belly she giggles or cries. The doll that is.

I never made it over to the studio. sigh...........

It's frustrating but just catching up on things from the holidays is taking up so much time.

Tomorrow I have to hang around the house and wait for someone to come and replace my windshield on my car. Apparently, the stone hitting something, I heard on the way back from Chicago was, in fact, my windshield and not the ding and moved into a giant crack across both sides of the windshield.

Today, I seemed to be dragging my tail trying to get more errands done and feeling like what I really needed was a good long nap. I'm amazed I even slept last night. The guy reading the material said that it showed it took me 30 minutes to fall asleep. I'm not surprised. I remember laying there thinking, how does one get comfortable with 25 plastic wires attached to your head and body?

I don't remember my first doll but I do remember a Christmas when I was nine and my parents went to the apartment upstairs, for a party. I saw and stared at two identical shaped packages. I couldn't resist, I opened them both, very carefully. The exact same doll! One from my grandmother and one from my aunt. I was more upset with worrying about which one I should return. I didn't want to hurt either of their feelings.

I have my mother's porcelain doll, with real hair and blue eyes that open and close. The doll is eighty years old. My mother named her Mary and when she gave her to me I kept the name.

I loved playing with her. She felt like a real baby doll, not a funny smelling rubber doll. She is now the Christmas doll and makes an appearance each Christmas. She will go to my daughter Mary and to Riley eventually.

:) Bea Who hopes one of you out there got to do something creative today.


  1. I loved reading all of your stories I missed...a baby doll is the best toy...at least I thought they were.
    Happy New Year, Bea...I hope you learn to sleep like a log cabin :)

  2. Riley has got to be the cutest "momma" I've ever seen! I can see she's attached to her baby doll. How sweet.
    Love the t-shirt-tu-tu-thingie! Did you make it? Too cute!

  3. A doll with a doll,,,,sweet!

    I had a very similar thing attack
    our last computer. I knew it was bogus and tried to click out of it, even though as you say it looked VERY authentic.It too was Russian originated,,,,and the second you click on anything at all it downloads itself and there you are! Virused up.The computer never worked the same again after the cleaning, and shortly after crashed. I hope it's not the case with yours.
    Now if I get anything suspicious, I immediately shut the machine down,,,,without clicking anything.

    I hope you can get your sleep regulated. That's kinda scarey. Breathing is important!

  4. My DH had the same problem that you had with your computer and we had to have Windows uninstalled and re-installed. Very expensive!

    I'm glad you're getting your sleep problems sorted out. Sounds scary stopping breathing in your sleep.

    Riley is very sweet.

  5. Great photo! Riley looks delighted with her dolly!

  6. Awe what a doll carrying a doll...sooo precious!!

    I had the very same thing happen on my PC with a virus, matter of fact it has happened two times, and yes very costly fix,:( but had to be done....cost me alot of files and photos too but I guess thats ok. Beats the alternative!

    In regards to your sleep machine, I have one, been on it for like 3 or 4 years now, you will be amazed how much better you feel and you will love it once you get comfortable with it, Best wishes and good luck!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Oh Bea, you're not supposed to stop breathing! I do hope they manage to sort it out. The machine sounds a bit grim though, I'd hate that.

    Riley and her doll - what a stunning photo. She looks so thrilled with it. Poppy loved the rag doll I made her for her birthday but I sewed the clothes on it! Cruel Gran!

    My sister had 2 dolls just like yours. One was called Elizabeth, I can't remember the other. I was jealous. She still has them both. What a lovely idea to bring Mary out at Christmas.

  8. I forgot about your nasty computer virus. How hideous, it beats me what pleasure anyone can get from sending those things. I'm glad you got it sorted out. I never click on anything remotely suspicious, having said that, we can all get caught sometimes.