Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee is made, come have a cup!

Coffee is made, grab a cup and let's catch up.
I love that photo. Zeus took Justin to see the hot air balloons, one COLD, COLD, January morning back in 79'. It was an unusual event held out on the ice covered Lake Mendota.
I ordered a gadget, over the Christmas holidays, A Wolverine F2D Film to Digital Converter.
I think I got it through Amazon and it was probably under $100.00. We've decided it's time to take those boxes and boxes of slides and sort through them, get the keepers transferred to a chip and downloaded. This little machine is great.
Zeus and I saw, The Kings Speech, last night. Sometimes I think that Hollywood has run out of making a good story and then one comes along. There was an interesting tidbit, in the movie.
Bertie, the future kind is asked by the speech therapist if he was always right handed. He says no that it was "corrected" out of him.
Many people that had a stammer had had problems with being denied using their dominant hand.
I remember growing up with a friend or two that had a stammer, so did Zeus.
Today, I think the schools and speech therapists get kids help at a much younger age. I also would like to think that my generation ended that barbaric thinking about lefties.
We didn't visit my cousins that often but when we did dinner was a painful time for all of us.
My uncle, a short, loud, mean spirited bully of a man used to tie my youngest cousins left hand to the back of her chair and force her to use her right hand.
No children were allowed any liquids during the meal, not even water.
What surprised me, even as a child, was that my parents went along with rules.
Perhaps, they decided the visits were so short and far between that they wouldn't create a scene.
Zeus and I watched a wonderful program on our Public Television station, the other night, Independent Lens. I don't know what we have been doing during that time slot, in the past, but I've put it on the calendar not to miss, in the future.
This show was about Paper Folders and if you get a chance to see it, DO.
It covered the advanced Origami artists that make incredible, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE origami art to Science and Math and paper folding and then on to my favorite, the Abstract Paper Folders.
will take you to a number of short videos from the show. They are all worth watching if you can't catch the original.
Of course, the Abstract paper folding artists, talked about the process and the emotion coming through into the final result. Zeus leaded over and pointed to the wall where my Abstract painting of the rusted metal wall resides, he said,"Your painting has emotion, I can feel it when I look at it."
Does that man know the right thing to say or not? Damn he's good.
I've been busy with the slides, getting the guest room ready for my good buddy, Donna, who just happens to be in town the weekend after my surgery. We'll spend some girl time while I mend, probably watching silly movies.
I've also been getting some art work framed and ready to put in THE SHOW, (makes it sound so exciting) at the Downtown Senior Center, in March.
It really is a lovely building, brand new and all winter long the Farmer's market is held on Saturday mornings.
Hey, we live for cheese, here in Wisconsin, there is always cheese and smoked meat products available at the Farmer's Market.
Anyway, they have a wonderful space for display and have encouraged local artists to showcase their work. Since our Mixed Media group is just that we have an assortment of different art pieces to showcase, from art quilts, paintings, fabric sculpture and a group project that we are working on. I'll have pictures for you in March.
I like the idea because I think people are curious about what kinds of things are being created these days. I also like the idea of people looking at something and thinking to themselves that they could do that and hopefully, going home and trying it.
Zeus has told me I can display but no price tags. All my work is already spoken for. What a nice man, he is.
Mary said she saw THE RED FOX this morning, taking a stroll through our back yard and using the snow plowed paths that Zeus made for Murphy. She said it had a beautiful thick gorgeous coat. Probably the same one I have seen bounding through the woods.
The other afternoon I glanced up and out the kitchen windows to notice a female deer just lying at the edge of the woods, in the sun. Not to far away from her was the stag. I've seen them together for about a couple of months now. Can't say that I have ever seen a stag hang around a female like that for this long. He stayed with her until she was ready to move on and then I watched them graze in the woods, together.
Finally got the Christmas boxes stored back where they belong. It certainly seems to take me a long time to get Christmas put away. I guess this year it was so nice I really didn't want it to end.
:)Bea Create and then create some more.


  1. what an interesting, personal post

  2. Hi Bea! It is so good to 'see' you better. I love that your art will be shown as priceless...sounds about right.

  3. I will look into this amazing machine...I have boxes of slides also! This post is beautiful and the Paper Folders were in Oberlin for the FAVA exhibit. You are a blessing and definitely have emotions in your works! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Oh a show, how exciting. I am looking forward to seeing some photos of all the work - especially yours of course!

    I love your stories of the red fox and the deer, I can just imagine it all happening before my eyes. I'm glad you've put Christmas to bed at last! I always leave one box out in case I find bits and bobs I've missed. I seem to have got it all this year so that has now gone up into the attic. Enjoy your studio time and do something special this weekend. Isn't Zeus an absolute star? Don't tell him I said so!

    Thinking of you,

  5. Forgot to say how wonderful that photo of the balloons is. AND how fantastic your stone of Riley is too. It's made me think about mine and maybe they should be a bit longer, at least some of them. xxx

  6. I think tomorrow is your surgery and I wish you a quick recovery!!! good luck

  7. Heh Bea - and Zeus? I've been a little preoccupied thinking of your surgery and wondering how you are as I send out my healing energy to you .... update when time permits please? xox trudi -