Monday, January 03, 2011

And, the answer is NO, I haven't got the faintest idea what kind of fruit or vegetable these are.
I'm still enjoying playing around with my food pictures from that Warehouse food place, Donna and I went to see. They are certainly interesting looking though, aren't they?

Monday morning, got a TO DO list of errands to get done. Still putting away Christmas items.
I haven't taken down the tree yet, it's really so pretty and I love looking at it. The advantage of the fresh cut is that it still hasn't lost a lot of needles. Unfortunately, the first tree is completely bare and with the fog eating snow we just had, it fell over. Now it's brush material for small animals.

So many great comments on my first post of the new year. It was fun to see the memories that it brought to the surface, for all of you. Thank you for sharing them with me. I enjoyed reading them.

I have a plan. Yes, I know, some of you have heard that before. Tonight, I participate in the Sleep Study. A young female voice, on the phone, told me that it's like spending a night in a nice hotel. She also gave me a list of do's and don'ts. I check in at 9:00PM and return home tomorrow morning around 8:00AM. A continental breakfast for me before I leave, if I would like it.

Anywho, the PLAN is to head straight for the STUDIO. Murphy is back in Puppy Day Care and I really need to start to discipline myself to a regular schedule. There is a lot of unfinished work out there and things that just need to get done by a deadline. I've signed up for two online classes that start in January so it's not just a "would like to" but a "get your butt in gear and get busy".

I guess I better get busy and hit the road.

Oh, HEY, THE PACKERS BEAT DA BEARS on Sunday. We're in the Playoffs now.
I used to hate football. Now, it's a nice time to spend with Zeus while I putter with handwork, crocheting, sorting and make the appropriate sounds, ON CUE for good plays.

My mother, 85 told me once that one of the things she didn't miss when her husband died was watching football because now she can watch Race Car races. I shook my head, not my idea of a great trade off. And, it's funny because I can't remember my mother ever being terribly interested in cars to begin with.

Now, John's mother LOVED to buy a new car. She didn't bicker just paid the sticker price but she was so proud of her cars and her ability to go out and buy a new one herself. I suppose in this day and age that isn't a big deal. Lots of women go out and buy their own cars. But, to tell you the truth, I've never bought a car. I've been brought along with the stern message from Zeus not to say anything, do anything and basically keep my hands to myself.

It didn't work with our new cars. He thought we were going to buy a ANOTHER van. I sat in the van, it was a very nice van but the tears welled up (I have no idea when this kind of uncontrollable behavior started) and I murmured, "I don't want another van." I must have looked pitiful because he asked me what I wanted. I remember pointing to the RAV and saying, "Something fun, like that."

Now, I see RAV's all over the road but honestly, when I sit in mine I still smile. I peek out the back window and see the wheel case, on the back of the car, and for some reason, my little brain still thinks I'm driving a snappy, fun car.

Well, I'm off in my "fun car" to run errands. Today, I will practice smiling ALL DAY LONG. That means, in the car, in the stores, at everybody. I will mentally count how many people smile back at me.

:)Bea Yes, this is my life, welcome.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    That photo looks familiar, but I don't know what it is either! Enjoy your night -- know it will be a refreshing sleep for you. Smiling is good too! On that note, I hope my November Full Moon Doll makes you smile, it's on my blog now:

  2. I think that fruit may be a Dragon Fruit. Not sure. Smiling is excellent and I hope you get a good night at the Sleep Clinic.

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Yes it's dragon fruit. The inside is creamy white with a gazillion white seeds in it. Kind of looks like poppy seeds, it's very yummy, too... quite mild tasting! Happy New Year! :)

  4. Happy New Year to you! Hope the sleeping works out. I love your smiling plan!

  5. Welcome home and good sleeping in the study project...I have often wondered how I would do in one of those evaluations, Your trip to Chicago made me hope to return there sometime soon...the city is an infinite source of inspirations and great foods. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Hey we all need to focus on organization and getting into our studios more!!!

  6. Lovely photo of the dragon fruit. I once bought one but can't remember whether I ate it or not!

    What fun to take part in the sleep survey, I wonder how you got on? Breakfast too, bonus.

    You have 2 online courses? Wow. Do you remember I did one of your challenges and gave up because I didn't think it worked out? Well, I found that work the other day and cut it up for ATCs and I just love them. It just goes to show...

    I have only bought one car and it blew up about 2 weeks later! Never again. I had to laugh about you and your van/Rav 4! I would have felt just the same.

    I love the thought of you smiling all over town - good for you. I do it all the time and most people smile back at me.