Monday, December 13, 2010

What's in that box? Or that one? Or this one?

Time does fly when you are............hmmmmm........trying to find any paperwork pertaining to a cottage you owned for 22 years and may not have survived the move nine years ago.
Not that I ever thought there was a lot of stray paperwork. The important stuff I've kept in the safety deposit box.

I thought I would give one last search before we signed the papers this week.

I confess, Dear Goddess of Organization,
I have gotten soft and sloppy.
I mean well, I do.
Things are in boxes.
Boxes are stacked in the basement on shelving.
Lots of shelving.
Lots of boxes.

And, for course, any of you that have had to go through unlabeled or mis-labeled boxes KNOW that it seldom is easy just to lift the lid, peer in and move on.
I've tried and have not succeeded.
Thus my absence for four days.

Well, you also have to include the BLIZZARD that hit us on Saturday night and dumped about a foot of icesnow for us to clear away.

Yes, it is Narnia here. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, everything is still sparkling white and glistens.
And, yes the roads are still icy because when they plow them, salt them, people drive on them and the temperature hovers around 7 degrees, nothing much happens to the icy roads but there are a lot of cars going sideways down the hills and around corners.

I did venture out this morning, to drop off a car load of stuff for St. Vinnies. I got gas,for the car and crept home and have stayed put. I have become a wimp in snow driving.

I am doing double duty. Well maybe triple duty, yes, that's the ticket. Multi tasking to the nth degree. I'm cleaning out a room upstairs that has managed to become the repository for stray things, quite a lot of stray things, bringing up Christmas decorations from downstairs storage and hauling what gets donated out to the car.

I DID NOT, I repeat, (I am to blame for the situation I'm in now) I DID NOT get rid of 30 year's worth of crap when we moved. I just moved the whole lot to the new house. It seemed easier, at the time. Then I put blinders on and for nine years managed to walk past, around and as far away as possible from anything that needed to be sorted, packed up and given away.

Although, the eight speakers weighing about 10 pounds each that I hauled to St. Vinnies were not mine. But, who am I to point any fingers?

My goal, dear friends is to rid myself of this issue, this problem before the first of the year.
I will NOT go into 2011 having to deal with this. I will be spending my free time in the studio, CREATING!!!!!!!!!!

I will surface whenever possible but the tomes are lonely and full of memories and I, a mere mortal must deal with the unexpected. Now, in my defense, if I find a box, as I did, that is full of letters from my adult children, written to their mother when they were away at camp or college, I'm going to sit down in the dust and read them.

Which is one of the many reasons, I have for how slow this whole project is going.

The tree is up, by the way, MOST of the lights are on but we ran out and then it snowed and well, now it looks like we need to get two more boxes because somehow half of the tree seems to be dark.
It still needs to be decorated. It's supposed to be fresh but the cats are skidding around under it playing with piles of dropped needles.

Oh, and keeps telling me that I have HINTS to check out which means with the holidays people are updating their charts and maybe I can find some missing people? There is always hope.

:)Bea Who is being creative on what stays and what goes, kinda.


  1. I can not imagine having that much snow fall in one are amazing. I am still moving my materials down to the studio box at a time...and discover something new each day with each box. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. What better time of year to slow down, and read letters from your kids? Everything is as it should be.
    Besides, you have a red couch!!!

    PS: I am you have been busier than ususal, perhaps you didn't notice how behind I am :)

  3. Hey, I've been rooting around about 18 years worth of boxes after selling and shutting down a business.
    Got a crick in my neck but it's all coming into order slowly. So you have my empathy. Soon we can go back to a clearer space to create!

  4. this is the perfect time of year to get things organized, but I'm not sure I would lug those speakers out in the snow and ice. have a great day.

  5. no tree this year. no time for a tree. but there will be presents and nobody cares about my tree anyway. I've moved 3 times in 10 years -- you'll be so glad when you get rid of all your extra "stuff."