Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree, what happened to you?

Good friends, THANK YOU for being patient. Thanks for hanging in there waiting to hear what's new in the frozen tundra. The snow here is still piled up, still a beautiful white, unlike some places I have lived where it seems to fall from the sky a dark color. It's still looking like Narnia, trees covered with white because the frigging temperatures haven't climbed high enough to melt ANYTHING!
We sign the papers today selling the cottage. It's done. It got emptied before the snow fell. The contents of the place got sorted and carted away, by yours truly to the charity stores. I have all the pictures from over the years and all the memories and that's about all you get.
I am thankful that in this economy we were able to sell it to people that not only could pay the price but LOVE the place as much as we did. A good ending, I think.

Sadly, our tree now up, in the house for one week, bought at a garden center and not for a cheap price is shedding needles faster than I can blink. I have the additional lights I bought to put on it but if I even look at the tree it sheds needles. I am not happy about this.

We took a short cut. When we go to our local little farmer's lot and cut down a tree, which adds to his winter income, I get a tree that lasts me through the holiday season and well into Boxing Day, which although I don't celebrate always seemed like a good time to take down the tree.

Zeus, knows I'm not happy. I have suggested that maybe we should just leave it alone, don't try to put anymore lights on it, forget about hanging the ornaments and just enjoy what's left of the tree. He's thinking about this.

I think we might be getting another tree this weekend. I will put this one out near the birdfeeder so the birds have some shelter when waiting to get to the feeder. I will hope that it will stop shedding needles so they have some shelter. I will take the lights off the tree, outside and hope for the best.

WHY? WHY? Because, we haven't had a tree or Christmas with all the family, here, in the new house for a number of years. Every other Christmas it's our turn and we usually take the family some place warm to celebrate. We got the new furniture, the front room looks really wonderful. It's Riley's first real Christmas and she's excited about the lights and tree and well, heck, I like the ornaments and lights and I'm at an age if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it right.
Heck, I might not wake up Christmas day so I want to enjoy that tree tonight and every night it's up.

So, this weekend we will go support our local farmer, like I had originally planned to do. We will find another tree, sing our Christmas song to it before we cut it down and bring it back home.
And, I will write about this, here, so that the next time we contemplate what to do about our Christmas tree, it will be in writing that if we aren't going to buy a Douglas Fir, which last longer after being cut we should go cut down our own tree.

It is written.

And, yes, I am probably a foolish old woman. And, yes one could say that two trees is excess.
One could certainly say that but I certainly couldn't comment.

:)Bea Who planted six pine trees this summer and probably has to plant six more next as penitence.


  1. I can't seem to do without Bea Humour for long. We had a similar needle dropping tree that was very large one time long ago. We took it outside, and it seemed to be happy. The kids wanted to decorate it outside, so we all made outdoor tolerant ornaments, strung popcorn etc. and we had the most beautiful tree ever. We also had some cold temps that year, down to freezing at least (lol) and we had the most beautiful birds feasting on our tree. We sat out at the firepit and sang carols and looked at our lovely tree. It was a Christmas to remember.

  2. Oy, your tree saga is a Christmas story to share :) love it! I am with you...get another tree to enjoy, give the birdies a new shelter and stimulate the economy even some more. Sounds like a win, win, win situation to me! Happy hOliDaZE!

  3. Congratulations on selling your cottage. It's wonderful when all works out well for both parties. Everyone is happy. Love your posts.

  4. get the tree
    you want the tree you deserve the tree
    cart the one that is peaked outdoors
    before much more drops
    pull the lights off
    and the critters will be oh so happy...
    are ya ready with everything else?

    i am to the wrapping parts now

    meeeerrry christmas

    congratulations on the sale too!

  5. You'll move. the calendar will turn. We'll still be with you bea. But you might need new bathroom towels. Who knows?

  6. I am laughing out loud right now...Have a Happy New Year and a very Merry Christmas with everyone you love! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Ahhh...the tree story I'm fearing! I bought our already-cut tree over a week ago and put it in a bucket of water outside until later this week when we will bring it in and decorate it. However, the bucket of water is now a block of ice, so I don't know what to expect. Is the tree preserved as well? We shall see. I'm tucking your bird shelter thought away in case we need it!

  8. Yes, congrats on selling the cottage. We felt the same with our Lakehouse,,,,a certain sense of relief.

    A very Merry Christmas to you Bea, from another foolish old woman who would also replace the tree.

  9. I feel for you. I know your tree is very important, and I've had that happen. I turned the heat way, way down in the house and the tree was happier, but still. I checked on the cost of trees this year, and I noticed a huge jump in price from last year. So, I content myself with the little tabletop ones .

  10. The Christmas tree is very important to me. I always had to have the tallest that would fit into our room and the fattest too. Last year Jim and I gave in and bought an artificial one and I do love it. It has been super not to have all those needles falling all over the place. And I don't have to do penance either! I can see every reason for you to buy another tree - it has to be right, especially when everyone is coming to you but even if they aren't. Only 2 people have seen our lovely decorations but I still have to have them and I love them.

    We had the thickest frost I have ever seen in my life (except in Norway). It just piled up and piled up and the trees looked glorious. I photographed a weeping willow and it was breathtaking. I just loved it so much. Sadly now all the frost has gone and it's dull and misty and damp. But not cold! We have birds by the dozen on our nuts - I just love to watch them out of our bedroom window. Winter has its compensations.