Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A little tea, a little talking and maybe some more tea, yes?

This morning, I read one of the blogs, that I follow and it was a rant about Facebook. Not unusual for this blogger, there is usually a rant about most things, in life. I enjoy it because it gets me thinking about things, as I suspect it does for her when she comes to read my blog.

My blog is about ordinary things in my life. It's about ordinary me, my family, my interests, my quests, etc. I blog to let my friends and family know what I'm thinking about or working on and they seem happy with that news. Strangers come to visit, have a cup of tea with me and come back again. I hope it's because they read something that resonated with them or made them smile or even shake their head. And, I thank you all for coming back again and again.

I'm on Facebook. I seldom post on Facebook because it's not how I like to communicate with others. I do enjoy reading about what other people are doing, classes they are teaching, what's up with them in two sentences or less.

I have no use for Twitter, at all. I am not interested in what you had for lunch, or how late your plane is. I removed myself from Twitter quickly when I saw that some people can't stand the idea of a quiet space in their lives. They HAVE TO connect or think that they are connecting with someone, 24/7.

Yes, I'm pretty boring but come here and let me whisper something to you, "Most of us are."
I think people come alive when they talk about their passions. I observed something interesting a while back, when women turned 50 they suddenly had some extra time in their lives and their started exploring new hobbies or projects. When I would talk to someone in that age group their eyes would light up as they talked about their newest passion, sky diving or Habitat for Humanity or ping pong. I found it exciting to watch how animated they would become as their described their newest activity. They seldom, if ever had this passion when talking about work or even their families. Work was work and they might have frustration or pride when talking about their families but it wasn't the same.

By 60 the women that I talk to have settled into their passion. They are exploring it, branching out, experimenting, looking to compare, learn, research their passion. It's now gone beyond something new to part of their life.

I hope to be here,for a long time, posting to my blog, sharing what I'm thinking, what I'm working on in the studio, the new explorations of fabric, paint and whatever. I'll be reading your blogs to see what you are up to, maybe you will be inspiring me to try something new, getting me to think sideways about something or just making me smile or shake my head.

Yes, blogging is considered old fashion by the younger generations. That's ok, I'm old and most often not in fashion. So, do you need a refill on your tea? Another cup? I do, because I need to find out what's happening in your part of the world.


  1. Here I am trying to catch up after missing so much last week. I'm "old fashioned" enough to prefer blogging to Facebook or Twitter. Love your take on both. Your posts are always interesting. Keep them coming and I'll try to catch up. Happy Tea Tuesday and I'm now switching to coffee.

  2. I love reading your blog, the simple things that happen everyday in life are really what create a life. Thanks for your observations.

  3. I guess I'm old fashioned too! I'm in my late 30's and I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, My Space or any other social networking account. I did for a little while but found it to be "too much" to in your face, to invasive. I'll have to start one up again when my kids are old enough to have an account I suppose...

    Happy Tea Tuesday.

  4. I never thought about my passion settling into my life before - but wow - that is a true statement! I can remember people saying how my eyes would light up back in my early 50s when I was creating wonderful folk art dolls out of my head. Not so much anymore and I thought it was just because I was getting older and had lost the 'joy'. I guess the joy is just settled in now - great concept.

  5. Nice thoughts about blogging. Technology makes everything so instantaneous now. "Slow" communication like email and blogging and Facebook are outdated. I even read where teens consider email to be "too formal." Oh my.

    But it is rare that my stream of consciousness is so brilliant that it needs to be recorded for the masses to read. I like to take the time to ponder how much of myself to reveal to others.

  6. so funny to think that blogging might be old fashioned! Facebook is ok ..... but not much more than just ok. It's a poor substitute for real conversations. I'm happy to do both .... and don't see myself giving up blogging no matter how old fashioned it might become! Happy Tea today - and yes it is very pleasant to drop in :)

  7. three years ago I would have never guessed where blogging would take me...especially since I am pretty low tech...I just wanted to share my passion for creating and enjoying the little things in life...the connections all across the globe are just so special and enriching

    I have not gotten on Facebook...I just can't add another thing that will keep me in my fav chair even longer ;)

    Happy T Tuesday to ya

  8. I came to blogging thru Patty (it's all her fault!!LOL)I do enjoy touching base with people in person, thru written mail (how old fashioned is that?) and blogs,and seeing what other people are doing creatively, thru their blogs.
    Thanks for joining us on Tea Tues!

  9. charming blog that I can relate to.

  10. I also prefer blogging to facebook and am not at all interested in twitter either. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  11. I do Facebook to keep in touch with family and old friends. I quit Twitter a long time ago... I don't get why anyone would be interested in what I'm doing at any given time... Blogging is my way of sharing my thoughts and creativity.

  12. Sometimes I can't even handle blogging...I have so many things and time passes so quickly.
    I seem to be getting 'old' I like opera music and violins and languages I don't understand...anything that doesn't interrupt the symphony in my head ;D
    I wish you could be here this week...the Nut Cracker goes on, but Friday, it's a double-header. The Ballet company and the local orchestra put on a Holiday Extravaganza...and there is a lengthy sing-a-long...wish you could be beside me...cover up my tin ear :)

  13. Interesting point about women over 50 rediscovering a passion for what
    may have been a hobby. I think all the loving energy it takes to raise children while working and being a partner is put to use in a different way.

    And I agree with you about Facebook.
    Way too much information and opinions and blah, blah. At some point who cares? A blog is more like a letter someone thinks about
    and composes.

  14. Oh yes, I was so busy listening to you that my first cup went cold! A super post Bea and just how I feel, though I do post quite a lot of Facebook and really love it. It has reunited me with all my friends from the Drama group I used to be in and the village where I lived and I love keeping up with them and they me. So to me it's all plus plus.

    I can't see much point in Twitter I have to say. I don't read other peoples' twits or whatever they are and can't imagine why they would want to read mine.

    Blogging is fabulous though can be time consuming at times like Christmas when we have so much to do. I hope you've cleared out all those boxes by now! No, of course you haven't, not would I have. Photos in boxes, letters, oh lovely, hours of memories to explore.