Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's a small world, isn't it?

The snow has arrived. The cold has arrived. The last of my Christmas presents ordered from Amazon, has arrived. I'm good to go.

Started off the holiday season, last night with the annual Holiday Festival, downtown at the Civic Center. Gorgeous theater with a two hundred million price tag on the acoustics installed. We've seen the Lion King and Wicked there and both have been wonderful. Last night featured the Symphony and the local choirs playing and singing holiday songs. We also had a treat with the return of Abigail Brown, from the Metropolitan Opera, singing a few selections. Apparently, she went to school here at University of Wisconsin. Nice to have her come back to town to sing for us. Beautiful, beautiful voice.

Apparently tickets for this event started out at $60.00 a person but with the low sales they had to reduce to price to $20.00. Apparently, in this day and age with the economy the way it is that was a more reasonable price because the place was filled, 2000+ souls.

We were guests of a friend and his wife. They took us to a rather famous, expensive restaurant, on the Capitol square. Beautiful building, beautiful view of the Capitol, lit up at night and delicious but pretentious food. The courses were divided and each one carried a HEFTY price tag. I mean $10.00 for a salad? And, we're not talking the Olive Garden refill bowl, here.

I know I'm getting older when I can start to make unequivocal statements like, I do NOT care for loud music and 200 voices competing for my attention. It sounds like screaming to me.

I KNOW that the Gospel choir, had they sung their songs acapella would have been wonderful.

To try to listen to them behind a very loud symphony was just impossible.

I could barely hear the met diva when she sang, in the first half. Apparently, I wasn't alone because in the second half she came out miked.

The Youth choir was wonderful. Why? Besides great voices they sang a country Christmas carol acapella. I loved the mix of young male and female voices.

I am not a fan of All Boys Choirs. I find it a little disturbing to see all those little boys up there singing because somebody thinks that their voices are beautiful before they hit puberty.

Little girls, who can sing have beautiful voices too. Let's start mixing it up folks.

The audience did get to sing, at the end. There is nothing like belting out Joy To The World to get you awake and in the season.

Rick and Zeus went to law school together. He had done our will for us recently. I had never met his wife so it was really nice to spend some time together. It was on the ride home, in our car, that I was talking about my bookclub and how I hoped that this upcoming year we would be reading more than so many Swedish doom and gloom mysteries. Rick's wife started to laugh and said, "We're in the same bookclub, THAT'S where I know you from."

Small world.

:)Bea It's Sunday, go create and create somemore.


  1. I love music and I love symphonies but if it's someone singing I'd much rather hear it acapella! There is a TV show coming on soon that I just love - one of those singing competitions for several weeks but it's all acapella and the groups are soooooo talented! Not much good on TV these days but I can't wait for that one - can't remember the name of it right now though.

  2. Hello lovely lady, sorry I've been away so long. I have so much catching up to do. You are so organised with your presents all sorted. Damn, wish I was!

    That concert sounded just my cup of tea. I agree with you about the little boys choir though, they never do much for me either!

    And a posh meal to boot. What fun. I can do pretentious food if I'm not paying! lol.

    How funny about Rick's wife being in your bookclub. Small world indeed. I'll catch up some more tomorrow. xxx

  3. The other day as I pulled into an intersection I found myself trying to turn down the volumn on the radio just in case there were flying fire trucks nearby. I guess I'm getting old cause the sound that would NOT turn down was not the radio but two adults yapping away in my car. LOL!!! How's that for getting old?!

  4. It really is a small world. I totally agree with you about the boy's choir and was just thinking that last night while watching a tv show that featured one. It must be a great feeling to be so ready for the holidays!

  5. I've been busy lately and haven't been keeping up. Glad to be back reading and enjoying your corner of the world.

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read and leave a comment. I try to answer people by email if I can. I know it takes a little longer, in your blog reading to comment but it is truly appreciated. It's nice to know there is somebody else sitting at the table, you know? :)Bea