Friday, December 31, 2010


My kids and their kids have all gone back to their homes, in Minnesota and Boston. The house is very, very quiet.

I spent the last week just letting everything go and settling in to enjoy my children and grandchildren. I have to say Zeus and I agree that this was a very, very, very nice Christmas.

If you are interested in pictures I am sending you to the web album.

We played games, watched video's together, the kids shared in the cooking and cleaning up, I held Curran whenever I could, played Crazy Eights, won, one hand and got to wear the brand new pair of green plaid, flannel boxer shorts on my head. They have a snowman on them I may have to find a summer pair for the next game.

We had a quiet Christmas morning with Mary and Riley and Riley got her very first baby doll which she LOVES. The rest of the family arrived the next day and the following morning we had our second Christmas morning of gift giving.

Everyone seemed delighted with what their secret Santa had given them. There was even a mysterious gift, under the tree, at the very back that had a LETTER from Santa for an adult.

Not so little, Jimmy got a present that surprised him, for sure. Many, many years ago he had his beloved Star Wars Millennium Falcon spaceship, he played with it for hours and hours. Then it got packed up as Jimmy grew older and finally his mother gave it to the children across the street.

Jimmy's mother still hadn't heard the end of that mistake. Apparently, Santa took pity on her and found another spaceship, in an antique store and had it delivered to our house for Christmas.

Of course, this meant that we had to pull out the three best Star Wars DVDs and watch them with another generation of kids. Empty wrapping paper rolls became Light Savers with the FORCE behind them.

We ate breakfast at our favorite old restaurant, up in Saulk City. We had one dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. One night one couple cooked up some wonderful chicken and shrimp dishes and another night we had Ziti from another talented couple. We ate well.

I have to say, contestants really upped their game this year. It was a hard choice when it came to voting. Hayden won and wears the crown for this year.

The 29th was Mary's 28th birthday and we celebrated it in style. Hunter and Zeus found a beautiful cake with pink roses for our dessert.

Penny and Murphy played for hours on end. Murphy dragging himself to bed at night, exhausted. He didn't move the entire night. Now, he walking around looking in empty rooms, for her.

That's just a recap of the week. How can I possible do a recap of the year? I can't and won't. It's been a really wonderful year. I've looked over the year's entries and have been surprised and amazed at what all has transpired in just my life.

I don't make New Year's resolutions. My DIL, Shari is right when she says that it just sets people up for failure. If you are READY to do something then do it. If you need to work out how to get it done, do that. When it's time you will do it. If it's really important to you, well, you know, what I'm going to say.

I do want to take a moment to thank all of you that take the time to stop by and read, maybe leave a comment, send me an email, etc. I appreciate it, I really do. It's nice to know that there are people out there that share some of the same thoughts I have about some things, or have an opinion about something I have said and want to share it with me.

Thank you all for your holiday wishes and your thoughtful New Year's wishes.

I hope that all of us have a CREATIVE, healthy, joyful, peaceful, loving 2011.


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas with a very beautiful family. Happy New Year to you and yours and I look forward to seeing what new creations you come up with in 2011!

  2. What a fabulous Christmas you described. You always have great posts that describe things so perfectly.

    I would have been here sooner, but time just kept getting in the way. Now it's 2011 and I'm wishing you a fantastic, safe, healthy, and art filled new year.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Warm, wonderful family time, nothing better! And on this first day of the new year, 1/1/11, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  4. What a lovely Christmas you had :) I hope the new year is equally warm and happy :-)

  5. I LOVE that snow man,,,(clapping)did your bunch build it?
    I enjoyed your photos you directed us to,,,,Riley's baby doll is perfect! Great family fun!
    We had many things Star Wars also,,,and loved your story.
    Happy New Year, Bea!

  6. Well what a fnatastic family Christmas you enjoyed. All the things I missed this year. I loved all the photos, how gorgeous are all those children, big and small. How wonderful that Santa remembered the Star Wars toy!!

    I picked out the angel as the winner. Was it yours? You wuz robbed!

    I don't make New Year's Revolutions either - I'll only break them. 'Gina's Revolting' yeah yeah.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Bea. xxx

  7. You did an amazing jobs here in the recap...I felt like an angel ornament hanging on your tree. Happiest wishes for you and the Neal family. You are truly blessed. Peace be with you. Oh by the way I am returning to my Full moon project...I will keep you posted on the developments. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart