Friday, November 12, 2010

A sailing we will go, a sailing we will go, hi ho a.......

The cruise ship was pulled into port and the weary passengers got off, dragging their luggage.
Some responded to the media questions by saying how awful it was, how bad it smelled, on the ship, how terrible it was to eat Spam or beet sandwiches and it was certainly NO VACATION.
Others responded to the questions with upbeat comments, how nicely they were treated by the crew and staff, who were trying their best to make everybody as comfortable as possible. How the experience was like "high end camping".

A perfect example of a ship full of "half full glass" people and "half empty glass" people. Which one do you consider yourself? There are people that always seem to make the best of a situation, especially one that they have absolutely no control over. I suspect many of them were the ones enjoying the free booze the ship gave out, at night. If you are drunk and fall asleep you aren't going to notice the foul smells wafting around the decks.

I took a cruise, once with a good friend. We had a beautiful cabin with a little deck off the room. We could leave the door open at night and enjoy the smell of the ocean and listen the the lapping of the waves as the ship cut through the water. We also got a dose of smoke when our next door neighbors ignored the NO SMOKING signs and lit up, on their deck.

We were on a HUGE ship. I mean HUGE. I forget the name of it but at the time it was the largest, newest ship on the water. It was like being inside a sky rise. You needed to allow a half hour just to get from one end to the other, for meals.

We signed up for the cruise because we were going to be attending quilting classes during the day. First day out we discovered, not enough sewing machines for everybody, as promised. Kits of fabric were provided but at a fee, which hadn't been mentioned and sorry, don't take any credit cards so use up what cash you brought on board.

We lasted one day and then decided that we would be happier doing our own thing during the day. We took advantage of all the free activities we could. We were surprised when we were charged a cover charge just to enter a hamburger type restaurant, on one of the "fun decks".

I tried to keep the half full glass attitude. I'm a pretty easy going person, normally. After a meal where the waiter brought me another $8.00 beer that I didn't ask for, the hair salon told me that they couldn't cancel an appointment because it had to be done within 24 hours and it was now 25 hours and the fact that the quilting teachers did not move around to different tables to chat and we were assigned seats at certain tables.............I lost it.

My friend, to this day, says that she has never seen me that angry. I hope she never does again. It's not healthy to let things get to a person so much. The ship had a place where you could go and ask questions, make complaints, etc. The lady in charge told me that I didn't have the proper "cruise mentality". My mother brought me up to be a lady or at least try to act like one so I didn't tell her where she could put her "cruise mentality".

Zeus will probably never get on board a ship. A sailboat or motorboat is about all I have ever seen him on. The sailboat was our family Sunfish, which we hauled out every spring, from the garage, soaped it down, listened to the boys taunt each other as they cleaned it and then, maybe, somebody took it out on the lake once or twice.

The motorboat was with friends and the intent was to go water skiing. Something, that I sadly learned, while visiting Zeus's uncle, in Kansas, I can't do with any style, grace or coordination.
We were young and of course, nobody ever really asked me if I knew how to steer a boat. They simply put me in charge.
When I am doing something that I have no confidence in my abilities, total fear in my mind, I tend to get a glazed look on my face. It may appear that I know what I am doing but if you wave your hand in front of my face you will get no reaction. My features are frozen.
Heading toward the large cliff, in front of the boat, should have given somebody a clue.

That escapade cost us all the price of a propeller. It seems it doesn't really hold up to going over rocks well.

The reason Zeus says he won't ever go on a cruise is because when he was 10 or so he had an unfortunate incident, aboard a fishing boat, after eating Aunt Karma's chipped beef with gravy.
I mean, honestly, everybody throws up, at one time or another, in their life.

So, between his distrust of chipped beef and my unhealthy attitude towards cruising, it doesn't look like taking a cruise is going to be a viable vacation option, for us.

We are land people, edge of the great oceans people, renting condos, with decorating in shade of blue, people and golf courses within driving distance.

:)Bea Who really doesn't like to be to far out from the shore anyway.


  1. Oh my gosh you had me laughing. What is it with those 'great bargain' cruises where you end up spending at least three times what you expected for 'unmentioned' things? LOL I'm with you - I like to be with my feet firmly attached to the ground!

  2. I think it's just, "it seemed like a good idea, at the time", you know? :)Bea lolololsnort

  3. Fun post! I went on an art cruise three years ago with a good friend. We had a structured schedule and looking back I suppose we could have had more fun. LOL! Like you, it seemed like a good idea at the time. We both agree that one art cruise in a life time is enough though. We didn't even use half the supplies we were asked to bring. But I had fun on land in Mexico. LOL!!

  4. Cruises remind me of the Accidental Tourist. The environmen is set up so you never miss suburbia. Well, you know I am the glass half full until i have so many glasses that they fall off the table. As you well know that's happened a couple of times.

    I took that Mexican cruise with Mom and it was a nice way to travel with her. But if I never went on another again, I wouldn't miss it. I do love being next to it. So I'd jump at the lakeside cottage or ocean shack if offered me. Eventually, I would get lonesome for the big sky and rolling fields of southern WI.

  5. I'd love to try a cruise, but my DH will NEVER go on one. He's not a man to be told when to do anything. Oh well.

    What surprised me was the talk on the TV of the "horrific" conditions that the cruise passengers had to put up with. No AC. No cooked food. I hope that those are the most "horrific" things that they ever experience in their lives - I really do.

  6. Have I missed soemthing in the news? I didn't hear about this horrendous cruise! I have ex neighbours who just love going on cruises but I've never tried it. Oh, I did a long weekend one to Norway once. We had the worst storm for 18 years! I liked that, it was very exciting and we were the only couple at breakfast!

    Yours sounded a bit of a disaster. I suppose I'd like to try it one day but couldn't be bothered to dress for dinner every night!