Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rooibos to you.

First of all I have absolutely NO IDEA what kind of fruit this is. I think it's one of the most interesting I have ever seen. I went to a warehouse food store, with a friend and found myself taking picture of the most amazing fruits and vegetables that I had ever seen. Then my friend moved off without telling me and I panicked. I really did. I told myself to just stand still, don't move and she would come back to the last place she had seen me. I was right.
Got to love my readers, they always come through for me: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art25602.asp Thanks Jill!

Anyway, I'm having my first cup of Rooibos herbal tea from World Market. Nothing terribly exciting about the box it came in or the overly large sealed packages for the tea. And, since you can't really see the color of the tea in my cobalt blue mug I decided to go with an entirely different kind of picture.

Sorry, tea buddies, but that's how my mind works.

I am always open to enlightenment as long as it doesn't require me to live in a cave so if you have any information on the above pictured fruit, pass it on. I try to learn something new everyday.

And.............the rooibos tea is wonderful. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Today I play the waiting game. So, it's a good day to sort paper work until the furniture arrives.
You saw the TO DO list. Quite a few things have been added to it. Some things that I had forgotten to even do, like pick up Zeus's new shoes from a shoe store not anywhere near my usual errands BUT it is near the Red Cross building and I'm due to donate more blood so there are two TO DO's that can get crossed off together. That' for another day though. For today, I need to start sorting in piles the massive amounts of paper that I have stacked around here.

The computer has done nothing for reducing the incoming amount of paper and what I deem necessary to keep.

Yes, I could just toss some piles that are months, ok, years old BUT you know and I know that something of value would be lost. Just the other day, while tackling a pile, of paper, that slid off the stool and on to the floor, I found the original stationary that Zeus bought for me, as a joke, when I would home school the kids, during the summer at Peabody School.

That's the name we gave it, Peabody School. I was the headmistress, Ms Peabody and Zeus, our bus driver, "Jimmy O'Keefe". The kids had workbooks, homework assignments, field trips and everything else I could think of to keep their little brains from falling into vegetable torpor.

I part uneasily, with paper. I have a box with scraps of paper, with handwritten messages from little hands. I have folders with care instructions for appliances that have long been sent to the dump. I used to clean out everything on New Year's Day. Haven't done that for about ten years so you see, I have my work cut out for me.

:)Bea Who may just glue the whole mess of paper together and paint on it.


  1. Love the mystery fruit pic ... I too am drawn to those sorts of things at the market and always try and have my camera handy

    I also resemble your paper collecting remark LOL, parting is such sweet sorrow ... you never know when you might need it !

    Happy T to you today!

  2. I love that tea as well! I'd almost forgotten about it. I like a splash of cream in mine. YUM!

  3. I believe those are horned fruit: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art25602.asp
    I've seen them too but never tried one.
    Isn't rooibos great? And so good for you since it's an herb rather than a tea (no caffeine). Have you ever been to The Republic of Tea's website? OMG - they have every kind of tea and tea essential available! My very favorite rooibos is their Strawberry Chocolate which tastes like you're drinking dessert. They only have it available for a few months beginning in January (for Valentine's Day I guess). I hoard it all year and just found a few more tins at my Whole Foods store a few weeks ago. If you'd like to try it email me and I'll send you some teabags.

  4. lol
    your mind works like mine...

  5. Your fruit from Zimbabwe is the perfect picture to have with rooibos tea .... It makes me think of Speedy Motors and the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency and their endless breaks with red bush tea :)

    And I'm with you on sorting by piles .... I only just last month parted with manuals that went with appliances and blenders and toasters that are long long gone.

    A little paint, a little gesso and you'll have plenty of foundation to build upon ...

    Happy gee today! Kimmie

  6. I go through that process too...it's hard to part with something we hold dear...paper...will always find n excuse to keep them...Rooibus tea is definitely delish...and happy T to you!!

  7. You could certainly send your old warranties and such to me. I would sew them into my journals, minus your name and vital info, of course. But, painting them sounds like a fun thing, too.

    Mystery fruit and Rooibus tea seem to go well together. Happy Tea today.

  8. I think your fruit is called a horned melon. I've always had a hard time getting rid of papers too... Using it in art is a good idea... It won't go into a landfill and it's free!

  9. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I've seen something like this fruit before, but I think it was an enlarged photo of pollen spores. LOL

  10. Interesting looking fruit. I will have to look for it. Rooibos is one of my favorite and when I get into World Market you can't get me out. I love it! So many interesting things! I even like looking at their wines, even though I don't drink much of it, they have such pretty bottles/labels and interesting names. Doesn't take much to entertain me! LOL

  11. What exciting fruit it is. Horned fruit? Wow, we live and learn.

    You are so so busy. I laughed at your papers sliding off and onto the floor. I had a pile of 'Christmas Craft' books do that yesterday! Now they're on the ironing board! I, too, hate throwing papers away 'just in case'. Mind you, painting on it all sounds inspirational!