Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built Women

Ok, just fooling around here, it's not Spring, nothing is blooming but I miss it already.
It IS a gorgeous day outside, sunny, blue sky and 56 degrees so I really shouldn't be complaining. Watched a deer run across the yard yesterday, lots of leaping and bouncing.
Then I saw the stag come running out of the woods after her. Ahhhhh, yes, tis the season.
Speaking of seasons, I stopped in the home store and picked up a 15 ft. fir swag for the porch railing. I could have stood in the garden center part of the store for ages just inhaling that scent of pine trees. So, I'm one mixed up lady here, pinning for spring and blossoms, enjoying the fall deer run and buying Christmas pine items for decorations.
I blame it all on the fasting I had to endure this morning for the lab. I had my yearly physical at a new clinic, here in town. Had a delightful young, oh so young, barely out of teenhood, woman resident. She was bouncy and had a wonderful smile but such tiny little teeth. I found it hard to NOT focus on her teeth. Isn't that silly? I never saw such little teeth.
Anyway, not due for a pap test until 2012. Apparently, at my age they tell you you can go three years between them. She talked me into a sleep study. I was holding my own on not going down that road but she asked me to listen to her spiel and I did and she made sense so I am.
Apparently, that bad coughing bout I had two years ago may have done a little damage to my lungs, on top of the four surgeries two years ago, add in a little snoring.........ok, a lot of snoring and some sleep apnea, which Zeus thinks I have and she talked me into it.
If you have stop breathing, for whatever reason, you cause stress and strain on the lungs and then the blood backs up in the right ventricle of the heart and well, all in all it's not a good thing.
She also thought that if my body actually got a GOOD nights rest and was allowed to do what the body needs to do when you are sleeping that maybe it would have a positive effect on shedding some weight. I have lost nothing since I had both knees replaced. I'm moving at warp speed and not consuming more food and yet, nothing........not even an ounce.
So, I need to go buy some nice pj's for my sleep study. Maybe something with sheep on them....
The problem is that clothing manufacturers don't think that traditionally built women have a sense of humor, or ever feel sexy or want comfortable clothes. We're rather limited in the stores that carry our size and we are hostages to the tastes of skinny designers.
Oh, and my subject heading is actually the title of a book by A. Smith, the writer of the Women's Detective series. I need to read this one. Oh, and that was my offering for Tea on Tuesday.
I know, I hang my head in shame but honestly do you really want to see another picture of my large, unsweetened, lite ice tea, from McD's?


  1. LOL! happy t day to you!!

  2. I hear ya! From one traditionally built woman to another ;)
    Good luck with all of this.

  3. Here, here to traditionally built women!
    I am NORWEGIAN...100%. That means big bones, big calves, big biceps. Heck, we're built to climb the hills along the fjords and withstand arctic winters.
    Hazzah for traditionally built women!!

  4. Yeah, what the heck is it about pjs for the size we are? I like gowns but like the soft cotton type - ones that come down all the way - not just to the knees for winter. And you can't find them ANYWHERE unless you want to pay $$$ for them! They are all that cheap flannel that won't move when you do in bed and end up choking you to death. Whew! When I read back over that I sound angry LOLOLOL Don't you love A. Smith's books? I've read every one and am always waiting for another to come out. Funny though, I'm not crazy about his other books. Sweet dreams for your sleep study. I'd be awake all night all wired up like that!

  5. That's funny...my jammies are the only things that fit me anymore, but you're right, they aren't sexy. Or even cute :(

  6. What's a pap test? I didn't realise you had such sleep problems. I hope you get it sorted out. Lack of sleep leaves one exhausted. I seem to be sleeping very odd hours lately. If I wake up in the night for the bathroom, I'm wide awake! Last night I went to bed at 10pm as we had a power cut, woke up at 3 and here I am! At least I've managed a good catch up of your lovely blog.

  7. i am "traditionally" built too
    she is right all about the sleeping thing
    if we did get good rest we would be doing a lot better
    i don't sleep well these days either
    so i do nap
    and from all i read as long as everything adds up well you are fair to meddling

    but tell me what they figure out
    then i don't have to go

  8. well I love the title :) I have a good friend who is a designer and the reason those clothes are so damn little? Its because the designers are trying to skimp on how much fabric yardage they have to buy to make an outfit, so to cut corners they make the clothes small, and then give us all complexes about ourselves ;) sheesh!
    I hope this sleep study helps you! And hey, we're all a little scattered :)

  9. I can totally understand how difficult finding the Right clothes that are still comfortable! :O)! We have the goddess figures you know! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart