Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, I'm smiling, that I am..........

Finally, happy with my ninth lesson, with Julie and Cris, in the online class Texture Town,,
I posted my completed canvas for critiquing. Julie said she had nothing more to say, it was finished, everything perfect and a thumbs up!
Lots of layers in this piece, lots of paint blending and mixing to achieve the rusted look of metal and the old wall.
I absolutely love this style.
When I am working on something like this or my Graffiti walls, I hum to myself, I lose track of time, I feel suspended in time. Like I'm in a very slow motion film. Everything else around me seems frozen while I blend and blend away.
I love collage, I love abstract, I love the grunge look, old walls, texture, anything that speaks of weathering the elements, humanity and time.

:)Bea Who is still sitting here smiling at the dog, the computer, just about anything.


  1. Oh Bea, I love the teture and colors you've blended. Excellente!

  2. I don't know what it is about old elements and textures but I love them too. It seems it is the in way to create these days. Yours is just beautiful!

  3. Bea, the Chris and Julie class sure has been fun......I believe we've started yet another "movement".

    Yours in beautiful. I've not posted mine yet, but completely understand the sentiments you've shared here.

  4. Such a great feeling, that sense of satisfaction with something you have created!
    Love the look of this piece, draws me in and makes me want to be able to touch it and expore. Very cool.
    Keep smiling!! :)

  5. Awesome. What a provocative dance between form, texture, and color; the dance of the lovers' triangle, I would say!

  6. Bea, so proud of your canvas! It is beautiful!!! Glad you had fun,

  7. You've described the "flow" state--Cszentimihaly's explanation of what it feels to be totally immersed in creativity. Love the final product. How big is it?

    I actually returned to Bauhaus for the painting I began inspired by the Rocky Mtns. The original expressionist approach just wasn't doing it for me. Just couldn't get inspired....but imposing a grid gave me more options and ideas. I love the final product. Very different from what I've been doing. Breaking routine is such an important part of the creative process.

    So where is this piece going?

  8. What a great class - I can see you were inspired - a beautiful piece!!!

  9. My Gosh! Bea-YOO-t-full!!!
    Really, really cool.


    PS: I don't think I will ever go on a cruise...the idea never appealed to me...being cooped up with all of those people!! No thanks.

  10. Wow, that is so cool! Want to run my hands over it. Awesome texture and coloring.

  11. I really love this. All the time you put in it really shows.

  12. Your piece is wonderful, like corrugated iron made into a rough wall, lovely. I'm glad the course worked for you.