Thursday, November 18, 2010

Next to the worst case scenario......

I took my painting in to have a frame put on it. It was nice the young girl got all excited and gigglie about it. "It's sooooooooooo coooooooooool. Really coooooooooooool!" Made me feel good.

It will be done before the gang arrives at Christmas time, which is what I was hoping.

I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back. We played a little phone tag this morning. I was out in the studio came in, saw her message, called her back, she was with a patient. I finally told them to just have her call me around 2:00pm.

So, of course, now, I have the "worst or next to the worst case scenario" running through my head. If the lab results were fine she would have just sent out a letter but to have a little chat.............agh..........I don't like "little chats". "Little chats" usually mean that something some numbers aren't right, medication would help, change in diet would help with the goal of living longer..............I really don't like waiting for not so good news.

I also have a problem believing that numbers are always the be all and end all of a discussion about MY health. Who an I being compared to? Were the trials, tests, etc. done on men, young women, old people, rats, bunnies.........sigh

I am signed up for my sleep study. The nice young woman, on the phone, told me it's like checking into a hotel. A really nice hotel with no mini bar though. They have cable, wireless, private rooms, DVD player and I check in at 9:00 pm and out again by 6:00am. I didn't have the heart to tell her I probably wouldn't be awake until 7:00am. I bring everything I need to sleep comfortably, except a spouse, animal or chocolate. That all is happening in the new year.

I saw someone I knew today while I was out and about doing errands and as I wished her a safe holiday she shouted back at me, "Stay where God can see you." That had me thinking for a bit..

After my little chat with the doctor, it's back to the studio. I'm putting some layers on things and everything takes so long to dry I have to make the most of my trips over there.

It was senior day at the market yesterday. I got my two capons for Thanksgiving dinner and all the supplies and got my 10% discount, too. Mary wanted to be in charge of cooking a big turkey but I told her that over the years I've found it smarter to just go with the capons. Nobody really eats the dark meat, in our family. Makes great soup but there are always complaints then about not enough turkey for leftovers.

Tonight, Zeus and I babysit, little Riley. We are probably going to take her out for dinner. I get to babysit tomorrow night, too, when Mary and her friend are going to see the new Harry Potter movie. Now, that's one I'm waiting to see, too.

:)Bea Go create something for yourself and if somebody else likes it, that's nice, too.


  1. I hope the news from the doctor was just a minor blip. Hugs!

  2. good job on the little tiny corner of the painting there
    yeah i do not like waiting to "chat" with those drs either

    have fun when you DO getto go to the movie!


  3. i HATE it when the dr calls and doesn't leave a message just a "call me back" and there is no way to get in touch. ug. Hope all is well.
    I did a sleep study, it's pretty funny. They attach a thousand things to your head and body and then say "sleep normally". right.

    enjoy...and I keep thinking about the comment from your friend. Where could you go where God couldn't see you? What an interesting dilemma! under the bed? in a closet? I'm gonna have to think about this one some more.

  4. Hope all works out. The older we get, the scarier it is to go to the doctor.

    Your painting turned out spectacular. Those textures really did turn out great.

  5. Anxious to see it in the frame.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Funny, when I sit in front of that screen at my blog, I can't seem to think of anything to say.

  6. All the numbers, comparisons, chats and such will just lead you in the right direction...consider it all to be a map made for you :)

  7. Hmm, maybe you've had some further news from the doctor. I shall read on. Love your picture and it'll look fabulous framed. Worries on my mind at the moment and off to the UK on Weds because of it. xxx