Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The mail didn't come when Murphy and I made our trip to the mailbox. sigh..................have to wait another day. So, this morning when I was driving Murphy to Puppy Day Care, we stopped to empty out the mailbox. Hmmmmmmmm, what is this? A soft package? Murphy was impatient and barking at me to get a move on so I tossed the package on the back seat and drove off.

When I got home I opened it up.........................ARLEE?!?!?! WOWOWOSER I don't remember entering any contest but if I did Boy did I luck out. This beautiful piece of work by Arlee.

It is temporarily and I stress temporarily tacked up to the wall in the Lemon Drop Room. I love how it looks against the wall. Today, I want to stop at the store and get a pretty metal hanger for it.

I am so happy. :)

I absolutely love it, Arlee. Whether I won it or you generously stuck it in the mail to me I am one lucky lady, today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was kicking myself for thinking to long about her tree ring panels in her Etsey store. Someone snatched them up.

But this, totally unexpected and WONDERFUL. THANK YOU AGAIN.

:)Bea Who loves to display art made by women, on the wall of her home.


  1. It is fabulous and looks divine on your yellow wall!!!

  2. Great addition to your home. I bet it goes well with your new furniture, too. Happy tea today!

  3. Perfect for your yellow room! Congratulations!

  4. It is quite beautiful and will look great with a little hanger on the top. Lucky lady.

  5. lovely quilt for a very lovely lady!!! Congratulations...i love visiting with Arlee and her delightful blog post. WooHoo for You! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart