Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's foggy and warm and most like the last day of our Indian summer. The weather people are gleefully talking about snow before Thanksgiving. There are still a few items outside that really need to get hauled to the barn and the air conditioner unit needs to be covered. Not huge items but those pesky little things that really have to get done before a snowfall.

We have found a buyer for some land that we had nearby. They are acquaintances and they have the same love of the area and the land as we do. I know they will be good caretakers of the land.

Since the sale is going through before the end of the year and winter is coming full steam ahead, we have to go out to the house and clean everything out.

It's not a HUGE job since we have been slowly taking things out but still a lot of work. Most of the furniture is second hand and will be donated. Things that my daughter will want for her apartment, some day, need to be hauled back home and stored in the barn. We will have to plan this when our son and family are down from Minneapolis, this week. We need his strong arms and legs.

It's time to let go of this property. We don't have time to spend out there anymore. This house and yard take up enough of our time. We've had it over 20 years. A Chicago judge built an A-frame on the edge of a ridge and he and his buddies would come up and spend a week hunting there. The judge and his wife got a divorce and the house went to a renter or two. It was never insulated or really properly cared for.

When we decided that we wanted a place to take the kids and spend time with them away from the needs and wants of our house in town we found this place. The realtor had given up on us, after showing us a number of "swell hunting cabins, where you could sit on your deck with your coffee mug and shoot a deer, coming down the mountainside." Since neither of us were interested in hunting you can see that we all were on different pages. He gave us directions to this place and sent us off.

Needless to say, standing on the edge of the ridge, looking through the valley, westward we fell in love with it. A wonderful sense of peacefulness, a place where we could spend time with our kids without the demands of a 100 year old house, soccer games, basketball games, etc.

I think Zeus and I needed the space too, for just renewal of our spirits.

I have wonderful memories of our time spent there. So, packing up things will be difficult, those memories will surface. There will be a tear or two.

Remember, a long time ago, I talked about making sure that the "list" that you send out to the Universe is complete? Remember, how I talked about putting everything down even the obvious and saying your list out loud, in front of your bathroom mirror. I did that for a buyer for the place out in the country.

Remember how I also said that the Universe works in it's own time and be prepared for what you asked for to arrive, perhaps not in the "package" that you had thought or when you thought.

Perhaps you had even forgotten that you had asked for it. Maybe your life went on and what you once thought was such a BIG NEED wasn't really that important anymore. Well, my friend, if you asked with sincere INTENT it's out there, so be ready for it when it arrives at your door.

And, remember if you didn't put EVERYTHING down on that original list, you might be very surprised at the form that your package arrives in.

The new owners are caring people. They have youth, health and an interest to care for the land the way the new program managers of the land want it taken care of. The "package" has arrived and I need to let go. I need to do the physical work of getting our life out of the house and allowing them to fill it with their hopes and dreams.

Now, I need to go watch Zeus make waffles for Riley. He's the waffle KING.

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  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful post my dear friend. I have had to take a couple of days off in bed to regain my energies...but I am fortunate enough to be able to withdraw and rest as my body as needed. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Ah, a good move I am sure Bea. Time to get rid as you say, and the new owners sound just perfect. You can rest assured that they will care for it and that's very heartwarming.

    I will look at your new blog when I have more time Bea. xxx