Saturday, November 06, 2010

Is it possible to have color overload?

Nope, not my work. Don't remember where I saw this and took the picture. I love it, though and if I could I would make something similar to it. Just to have it to hold, look at, stroke and just make me smile.
I love the colors, the details, the beads, ribbons, flowers and stitching. It's gorgeous.

Zeus and I had breakfast in Sauk City, this morning. We got there about 9:30 and I think we missed the early morning group of farmers. It was pretty quite. We had a hearty, farm style breakfast which managed to serve as breakfast and lunch for us. A pretty drive to and from, too.

The woodcutter and son are here, cutting up fallen trees. They worked all morning, loaded up their pick up truck with wood and went home only to return this afternoon with a bag of home made cookies for us. He's so happy to get this wood for free that he willingly told me he would clear the ridge by the front of the house of all the dead wood, brush and just leave my beloved Oaks standing. I've been wanting that done for the past nine years. It's a huge job and we both seem happy with the outcome. I didn't expect him to clear the brush out but he said it was easier that trying to get through it to haul the wood out.

Next we talked about the woods and how many dead trees there were in there. I casually mentioned that maybe I would get a trail through there and he said, "No, problem."
I like the idea of getting a nice wide path in the woods.

We've agreed to leave the trees that are down on the ground and a few for the woodpeckers but there is still plenty. I don't think those woods have been touched in 30 or 40 years. Some clearing will help the younger trees to grow up.

I'm seasoning two new cast iron frying pans in the oven. It's been so long since I've done this. You wash the new ones, dry them off, then coat them with shortening and put them on a pan and bake them for an hour and a half at 350 degrees. Then they are ready to go. I figure if I didn't know that and had to look it up I might as well share it with you. Nothing crisps up something like cooking it in a cast iron pan.

Of course, my mother made scrambled eggs in a cast iron pan. Not something I would recommend. I remember the first time I had breakfast at Zeus's home and his mother made scrambled eggs. I stared at them and said, "What are these, they are beautiful."
Trust me, if you've had scrambled eggs cooked in a cast iron pan they aren't pretty to look at.

When the pans come out the lasagna goes in. Yummmmmmmmm

More beautiful weather here, right now. If only, it could stay like this for the entire month.
It would make winter seem even shorter, which is fine with me.

:)Bea Don't forget to turn those clocks back. Then jump up and down and turn around.
Ok, I just wanted to see if you would try.


  1. Happiness is...everyone's dreams resounding off each other's. Magic is happening in Wisconson (did I spell that rite?)

  2. What a lovely joyful post. How serendipid... serendipidis... fortunate for you and the woodcutter. You are doing each other a good turn and so thoughtful of him to come with a bag of cookies. A path through the wood sounds wonderful, I'd like that oo.

    I love that header photo. Such a wonderful blue sky. We have had storms today, wet and windy. Tomorrow we fly to the UK - I hope the wind has gone!