Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I spy something.......................YELLOW!

Now, you KNOW that I didn't just take one little picture of one kind of fruit. I probably have enough to make a color book for Riley! I'm pretty sure between the fruits and vegetables I covered almost every basic color.

I'm off to take my car in for an oil change, have them check the brakes, which for some reason means that they look at them, then tell me what needs to be done, order the parts, send me home and make me come back AGAIN to actually install them. They only had three of the tires I need, in stock. That seems strange, doesn't it, just three? Anyway, hopefully one or four will have arrived, on a truck and I can at least get my new tires.

Then if they haven't eaten up most of my morning, I'm off to go almost downtown to pick up a pair of shoes that Zeus had ordered. They are from New Balance and super comfortable, casual shoes. Not the running shoes but nice enough for work. Our middle son works for New Balance, in Boston. Still a family run business and apparently, those that work for them stay the distance.
They make a slip on sneaker that is so comfortable. I had a nurse friend that bought them for work.

I think we have today and tomorrow before the temperatures fall to our "normal" 40 degrees.
I have lost all enthusiasm and energy for doing any yard work. I did run the lawn tractor around and try to run over the dirt mounds, in the grass, made by my tunneling friends.
I still have to wrap the trunks of the apple and crab apple trees so they don't become a winter snack for the bunnies.

And, there are the few apple trees left in the orchard that need staking now because somebody has tunneled under their roots and the trees are all listing to one side. Not good. It seemed a good idea at the time to plant a dwarf apple orchard but between the deer and the moles we are down to just five trees from the original twelve.

The Mixed Media and Fiber art group met, at the library, yesterday. A pretty good turnout, there were five of us. Sue, WE MISSED YOU. I think we did more catching up with each other than actually sharing much show and tell.

The additional pieces for the sectional couch, arrived yesterday. It's now HUGE. The room is big so it can handle it but it's HUGE. We can probably put all the grandchildren and grandparents on it to watch a movie. I did sit in one of the recliners, on the end, to read my book last night. Very comfortable. I suspect that Zeus will be able to fall asleep there, watching tv, just as well as he does on the old couch, in the family room.

Ok, off to grab some breakfast and then onward to my errands.

:)Bea Who sometimes feels like she is fighting windmills, too.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I've got it -- pineapples! Very creative view!

  2. I was fooled..pineapples is right Barbara! Great photo.

  3. What is a "care"? :D

    I must looking into buying myself one.

    Then I can live with SpongeBob in his pineapple house at Bikini Bottoms.



  4. it sure is yellow...maybe it is pineapples but i thought they had a browner outside?

  5. I do not know that this is a looks like a somewhat rare exotic fruit in Kroger's. Party on Gal...the Holidays are sneaking up on us all. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  6. Some fruits and veggies are so exotic looking that I say to myself, "OK, how do I eat this!". LOL

  7. sniff sniff...mmmm...I love the fresh scent of pineapples. I've cut up enough to know their curves and skin. Very delicious. It is a pineapple, right? LOL!!

  8. I hope you get 4 new tires...not the 3 that were sitting around the shop.
    I am off to enjoy the last of the nice weather.
    The couch sonds divine :)
    PS: if that is not a pineapple....

  9. Pineapples indeed, a super photo too. We had to have new brakes for our car and new tyres too. We also had to go to Galway, come back and go back again the next day for them to get the parts! It's a long way from here too.

    Glad you enjoyed your library catch up. What fun.