Monday, November 08, 2010

I need more time. Got any to spare?

Playing telephone tag with the woman that fixes the scratches in floors when furniture is delivered missing a button, on the foot, of the sofa, to protect the screw head from gouging the wood floor.

Trip to office supply store to drop of ink cartridges and pick up new one.

TO DO (Hmmm, this will have to wait until Thursday, maybe, in the wrong direction. No, wait, if I go to the gym I'm headed in the right direction, maybe there won't be a line)
Trip to the eye glass store to have them readjust my glasses for the umpteenth time. I'm not sure that putting them in that hot pot and softening the frames is as good as taking a good old itty bitty screwdriver and tightening a screw is.

TO DO ( Within the next 45 minutes) DONE
Trip to the vet because Murphy won't stop licking an ugly yellow pimple/bump on his knee. It's gross. I have no clue what it is, can't wait to find out. Well, he had two live deer ticks that they removed and the ugly thing on his knee was apparently an infected tick bite, they think. He has antibiotic cream I have to rub in those three places, twice a day. Poor little guy.

TO DO/DONE ( Yeah, start working a stop in at the gym, back into my day)
Trip to the gym to renew my membership. Time to get back in the water, climb those stairs, walk that treadmill, sweat just in general.

TO DO (Wednesday, when I drop off the car, it's on the way)
Trip to the dry cleaners to drop off Zeus's suit which is looking a little scruffy.

Trip to the STUDIO to put on another layer of paint on one canvas, gesso another and put a thin layer of light modeling paste on another. I embedded shells and some stencil design in that one.

TO DO/ (Have to go find the paper work and find out who installed the furnace 9 years ago)
Call the furnace people and make an appointment to have them come clean the furnace. Report on the local news, last night about some deaths do to carbon monoxide poisoning put a bee in my bonnet.

TO DO Car Car goes in on Wednesday, pick it up then)
Pick up a carbon monoxide alarm from Farm & Fleet when I take car in for new tires, oil change and check my brakes.

TO DO (Guess what I get to do tomorrow)
Be home for delivery, between 8:00am and 7:00 PM of two remaining seat parts to the new sectional couch

TO DO/ MISSED (FORGOT TO GO)( Totally sucks because I read the book and was really looking forward to going. I mean how can you forget something like that? )
Monthly book club meeting at library.

When I had children around I LIVED, with my day planner attached to me. My day was broken down into 15 minute units. It took me 15 minutes to drive just about anywhere. So, if I had to pick up one child at one school, get another to a soccer game, drop off another somewhere else I had an idea of what was possible. Of course, it was all possible and I don't ever remember forgetting anybody, although I'm sure they have their own versions of this.
I remember little sticky notepaper littering the book with reminders to drop off, pick up, don't forget and the like.
My large calendar, on the kitchen wall was color coded so that I knew which child and what Zeus and I had to do, during the week. It was a rainbow of color.

I thought when my children all grew up and moved on that I could reduce the size of my calendar. I threw away my day planner. Now, I scribble TO DO notes on back of old envelopes and stuff them in my pocket only to find them in a soggy damp ball, in the bottom of the dryer.

I made time for the studio, today. Not enough time, just a little window so I could get something done. I'm not a daytime TV watcher. I read when I take a break or lunch. If I have had a bad night with little sleep I will take a 20 minute nap. So, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

I try to coordinate my errands so I do them all in one efficient pass. I try to delegate although the two working outside the home, tend to look at me in surprise, that I even thought they had any extra time to do anything else.

You know, I once read that in New York the people that own the buildings often sell the air space above their building to someone that wants to build a bigger building. Too bad you can sell time.
My mother sleeps all afternoon, she could sell me a couple of hours. Heck, I'm her daughter she could just give them to me, right?

JUST SO YOU KNOW, I'm not wasting time at the computer. I'm eating my lunch, taking my vitamins, blogging and watching the little clock on the screen. It's time to take Murphy to the vet.

:)Bea I'm retired.................I should be in the studio, right?


  1. If you find some MORE time please share I need it too!

  2. For some reason it seems to me that I got more done, with children and working, than I do now.

  3. That's a great header picture...bea-utiful!
    I'm in the market for some time. too...I'll pay top dollar!

  4. Gosh, I think we all could use a little more time!! And I too try to coordinate my errands when out and about, it just doesn't always work. Hope your week started off well. Thanks for your love and encouragement. :)

  5. Of course, Lee. lolololsnort, I'll share. :)Bea

    I hear you Deborah. sigh :)Bea

    Thanks Lisa, if I find a seller I'll let you know. :)Bea

    Do we all need to be more organized? What's the story, huh, Sophia? Things just seem to take longer to do then they used to, for me. :( Bea

  6. Get thee to your studio right now! Imagine how much fun you are missing. Imagine Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. augh those darn to do lists! I hear you, what I wouldn't give to be able to clone myself for a week and wipe out all the troublesome items on my to do list and just enjoy being in the studio! :)

  8. Well I am utterly exhausted just reading your to do/done list! I am just hopeless at organising my time. Always have been. I have none to spare - sorry! Air over buildings? Are you crazy? lol. I hope the nasty sores/tic bites go away soon.