Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The good and the not so good but the good was good.

I could show you the picture of my Large Unsweetened Ice Tea with Lite Ice from MickyD's.
It sat in my car, for most of the morning, while I sipped it driving back and forth from my house to the charity store. I made three trips with the car full of stuff from the closed cottage.

It's cold today. I know it's only 30 degrees with some silly snow flutters but the wind makes it feel like 16 degrees and my blood hasn't thicken or thinned or whatever the H#$( it is supposed to do, for the winter.

I was cold unloading the car and I imagined the guy that loads up the large trailer at St. Vinnies was cold too. He didn't have a hat on, or any gloves and he isn't a young man.

On the third trip I swung back into MickyD's and got a medium hot chocolate with whole milk for him. I'm trying, in this season of haste and waste to remember my random acts of kindness quest.

We unloaded the car and then I handed him the hot chocolate. At first I thought he was going to reject it, for some reason, he just stood up there in the trailer, staring at me. Then he jumped down and gave me a big hug and his eyes had gotten all wet looking. He told me thanks and then told me that the Lord and all his angels would be watching over me. Always, a good thing to have on your side and I figure, this guy has seen more of the world than me, so he probably knows what's what.

I stopped at JoAnn's on my way home to pick up a few odds and ends for the holidays. Short of help, they only had two cash registers open and a long line of people waiting to check out. I don't know about your store but ours has you wind around, single file kinda like Disney Land without all the cool mice walking around. When a register opens the next person in line goes to the register.

We inched along, everyone pretty pleasant and happy, until the old woman and old man got in line behind me. Honestly, my heart went out to her when I listened to him grump about the line, grump about the items she had picked up, grump about this and that.

Finally, a extra clerk appeared and opened up another register and this old guy grabs his wife's arm and shoves her in front of me to get to the open register. Taken by surprise I grab her other arm because I honestly thought she was fainting or something. There the poor woman was being held by me and pulled by him.

I asked her if she was alright, still thinking she was faint and then I noticed him still tugging on her arm. He's telling her to get a move on it.

I'm full of the Christmas spirit, really I am but hey this isn't preschool. I'm not a sheep standing in line so a man can come along and point out the obvious that jumping ahead to an open register is the way it's done.

We had words. I didn't yell. I used my indoor German haus frau voice. When he still played dumb about how a line works I explained it for him, much to the amusement of the other women in the line and if I read his wife's face right, hers too.

He muttered, "I know how it works, god dammit."

He stayed put.

I felt a gentle pat on my back and I didn't turn around but I expect it came from the wife.

I checked out.

:)Bea Who wished she had time today to just sit down with a nice cuppa and is still drinking her watered down ice tea at 5:00pm


  1. That was such a kind thing to do and so nice to see that it was appreciated :)
    And then there's grumpy...

  2. Unfortunately there's always a scrooge in the bunch. You're such a kind spirit. Karma karma karma.

  3. So kind of you and such a contrast to the man in line behind you. One hopes there is more kindness than grumpiness in this world.

  4. Thinking back on it I probably should have just kept my mouth shut about the whole thing. Situations like that might result in spousal abuse. I would hate to think that he took out anything on her, later, at home. :(Bea

  5. You my dear are a good woman who wants only what is fair. Good for you sticking to your values. Perhaps the wife will go unpunished by him and enlightened by you ;)

  6. I admire your stamina dear friend! Now get back to thee studio and make ART! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Ha ha, I laughed and smiled at that tale of the grumpy old man queue jumping. I'm so glad you put him in his place (behind you) LOL.

    And what a sweetie you are to give that chap his hot chocolate and you get such a great gift back? That was a good swap I reckon! xxxx