Friday, November 19, 2010

Fat begone, I say!

I can't remember if I showed you the finished window, up in the studio. Zeus finished it and we are all quite proud of his creative efforts. I love the window and when the sun streams through it the hallway is filled with colorful light. Now, to just get the steps and walls finished. sigh

Well, I had my little chat with my bouncy young resident. Up a point in the blood sugar test but still under the LINE for diabetes II. Up a point in bad cholesterol but still under the line to be concerned and down a point in the good cholesterol but again not something "we need to panic about". That's nice to know. The downside is, of course, the lecture about how losing weight will make these bad numbers go down and the good go up. Exercise and yes, "the pool is nice but it's probably better to use the machines and brisk walk". She's so cute.

There are no short cuts to this. Ageing makes you work double time. So off to the gym, I go. I have four months to show some positive results. In four months she wants to do another blood panel. She "expects it to show better results". It's like having a granddaughter nag you.

They also want me to have a whopping cough shot and a tetanus shot with something extra added to it. I don't mind shots but now I have to do some research on why I am getting these two shots, if they are worth it, who's pushing it, etc., etc. One more thing to eat up my time.

At least, at the gym I can walk around the track and think about what I am going to do in the studio. I'm really trying to get out there and work on so many different project but there always seems to be some house holder thing that needs to be done and since I'm the main, work in the home, house holder, I get to do it. Little stuff, like wipe down the stairs from the upper level to the lower level. NOT a big deal, probably takes 10 minutes at the most but you add up all those little things, plus the messes that just seem to spring up, like the mysterious boxes that had appeared by the back door.

They aren't empty. Now, I have to actually LOOK IN THEM to figure out what they are, where they are going and deal with getting them there. If it's a donation I have to figure out when I am going in that direction. All little piddly stuff. And, trust me, if I wasn't drinking my second cup of coffee right now, I wouldn't be at the computer. See, I know how some of your minds work, out there.

OK, cup is drained. I'm ready to zooooooooom. I am going to create today. And, just for the record there is a Bluebird sitting in my Plum tree. Why haven't they left? Could we really be having a warm winter? Doesn't feel like it right now. Boy, I'm going to miss my layers of fat, for warmth. Guess I will need to buy some sweaters. I know, don't fill up the cart until you catch the donkey.

:)Bea Who loves seeing the green grass outside her window, in November.

And, if you want a good laugh check out this blog:


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a mild winter! As my now-ninety-something year old neighbor says, getting older is a bummer. I sure wish I could wave a magic wand and all my messes would be taken care of.

  2. you read my mind
    i am supposed to be doing that stuff too...
    and this exercise stuff
    well i am rather busy
    but i can think about while i walk too
    i don't have a nifty gym to go to
    so i have a wlaking tape i walk to in front of the tape
    sounds strange
    but you do work out and it is equivalent to a 1/2/3/or the mega 5 mile walks
    at least i have partner now

  3. Love your banner! It's so fall. But I think I love your windows a little better. Great design element! Numbers. Sigh.

  4. Vibrant, colorful, beautiful light! I just love that window!

  5. I hate the fact that there are no shortcuts in life.

    I've linked to that post also for Animal Wednesday - it is hysterical!!

  6. Oh that news wasn't bad at all was it? I have managed to go from 11stone 4 to 10 stone 8 but now I seem stuck at that. It's probably because I'm not doing much gardening.