Monday, November 01, 2010

62nd Journey

I have always felt that the end of fall marked the beginning of a new year. Maybe it's in my DNA from my ancestors packing up their belongings from the summer/fall camp ground and heading to their winter home.
It's the same way in spring when I feel like there are so many new beginnings and possibilities.

Winter is the time of drawing close, working on projects, soups or stews bubbling away on the stove all day.
New Year's day never really resonated with me. I would check my address book to make sure that it was up to date but it never had a feel of a new journey.
It could be since my birthday is at the end of October I tend to think about another year older and what do I hope to accomplish in that year.

I like a lot of people my generation have an adult child living in my house with her child. With her income, safe housing is practically impossible. Without a degree her chances of making a living income are pretty slim. So, she balances motherhood, work and school to better her chances.

I never really expected to have a small child living in my home again.
It's probably one of the best things that could have happened. She, daily reminds me to see the world through a child's eyes.

Two years ago before she came into my life, some of my bloggers will remember, we did some exercises to help us view the world from a child's perspective. Someone, somewhere thinks it's really important for me to continue viewing the world this way. They have placed a constant reminder in my path.

So, here I am on my 62nd journey, eyes wide open, watching my world and studying each leaf and flower carefully.
Hopefully slowing down, taking the time to understand my relationship with my environment. Giving up trying to control it and when it seems to spin to fast, taking a nap.

A young man stopped by the house on Saturday. He asked if he could cut dead wood, from our woods. He heats his home with wood. Zeus gladly shook his hand and I sighed with relief that Zeus would not be playing around with his chainsaw and trees. Yes, cut, haul, stack it.

If this works out I may actually get some sort of path, in the woods and that would be nice.

Time to get back to work. I am hoping that the texture I applied to my canvas has dried enough so I can work on it, this morning. If not, on to the next project on the list.

:)Bea Who just wants to walk in the woods not the wild side.


  1. Hi Bea,

    Can't sit long, but wanted to stop by and read your blog today. Sorry I've been MIA, but sitting at this chair has taken its toll. Glad your young man was willing to cut the wood. I have a friend who heats his house with only wood. He's "off the grid."

    I agree that now is the time for soups and stews. Lovely weather, in my opinion. Must get off now. Pain is too ummm painful.

  2. Must be something about the weather. I too am starting a new journey. I feel the pull of the DNA - Creek and Cherokee. Maybe it is more than the sum, but new journey's keep us fresh and young. To change...

  3. I love the way you term that - your 62nd journey - what a neat way of looking ahead to another year of life. Makes me see things in a whole new perspective - looking forward to my 61st journey!

  4. i enjoy the grandchildren around me too
    they don't live with me but close enough to practiacally be
    they keep things fresh!

    my woods could do with a little clearing out
    every year i say i am going to go and get me a path going
    or pick up antlers

    my texture is drying too
    which lesson you on?

  5. I recognize this feeling of closure and a new path to travel when the season begins her silent change of colors and textures. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart...Riley lights up your doubt about it.

  6. I feel the same way...maybe it is the birthday thing...I think I will be starting my 47th year. Look out, Bea, I'm catching up :)

  7. Lovely post Bea. I will be starting my 58th year soon. Children do keep us young and they make us laugh don't they.

  8. I just love spending time with my grandchildren too. I wish they lived nearer. Kitty is of course at that just so adorable age. She isn't speaking much but what she does say is very deliberate and she pulls some really funny faces too.

    I love November. It's been wild and windy for the past 2 days but there's an excitement in that kind of weather. Then we get really blue blue skies and tonight Jim called me out into the garden to see the stars. A satellite was slowly moving across the sky. Beautiful.

    ~hugs to you~

  9. Happy Birthday - 62 is the new 42.

    I always felt the New Year began in Sep - back to school, end of vacation, everyone's back, harvest is done.

    Many grown ups will live with their parents now - times are tough. Glad you're enjoying it.