Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea on Tuesday, a little late

Is this a cool tea pot or what? I missed Tea on Tuesday because of my birthday so I'm playing catch up. I can see having my tea in the afternoon with this fellow. He makes me smile.

Wonderful day yesterday. Thank you ALL for taking the time to post a comment and good wishes for me. It really made feel good. Especially when I had to make you jump through hoops to even leave the comment. I've switched back to the old method hoping that I have lost the annoying spam people.

We still have this fierce wind blowing. We have only lost two dead trees from the edge of the woods, no damage done. I have some daffodils to plant this weekend. The one bulb that the deer and rodents don't seem to like to eat.

I have some catch up work to do for the texture class. I am about to wander over to the studio and get busy.

Mary gave me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and Zeus brought home a large bright colorful bouquet of flowers, too. A girl can never have to many fresh flowers. He also picked up a wonderful bottle of Merlot and some cake. Good man, he is. Riley gave me a fantastic POP UP book of Alice in Wonderland. I'll get a picture of one of the pages for you for tomorrow. It's just great.

Thank you again one and all for helping make my birthday something that made me smile all day long. You really can't ask more of your life than loving family and good friends.

:)Bea Who think finger painting should be a daily activity.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Yes, indeed, a very cool pot!

  2. Dang (lol and a snort) I can't believe I missed the party. Every wonderful person I know was born in did I manage to end up in February??? AM I leading the way...or...did you all leave me in a cloud of dust??? Hope you're still enjoying that cake!

  3. So glad you had a great birthday and so sorry I missed it. No excuse except exhaustion and not reading blogs the past week - too many things going on at once LOL Happy Happy Birthday a few days late!

  4. Interesting tea pot. I LOVE tea and have my own collection of pots.

  5. Glad your birthday was a happy one and that tea pot is about the cutest I've ever seen! My computer is working faster now, so I will be able to leave posts more often I hope. LOL These things sure can be aggravating. Oh technology! LOL